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Let me share what is a delayed charge and what is it used for in QuickBooks Online (QBO), raksha.


A delayed charge is a way for businesses to keep track of items to be billed to clients in the future. It's considered as a non-posting transaction, meaning it will not affect your accounts, but is simply for tracking purposes.


For example, you have a landscaping business and you do weekly cut and trims for your client's properties. But you only send them an invoice on the 1st of every month instead of a separate invoice for every weekly job you did for them.


You would create a delayed charge for each weekly job you do for the client. Then, when you create the invoice, QuickBooks will pull those delayed charges onto the 1 invoice to send to your customer.


To create a delayed charge, here are the steps you can follow:


  1. Click +New.
  2. Choose Delayed charge under Customers.
  3. Fill in the form, then click Save and close.

You shouldn't often need to use this feature as your business likely is collecting most charges on time. Though it's important to understand what a delayed charge is so that it can be recorded and accounted for in your books.


You may also want to learn about other features for your customers by checking out this link: Create and apply credit notes or delayed credits in QuickBooks Online. It'll share the difference between these two functions.


Keep me posted if there's anything else I can help you in managing your transactions in QuickBooks. Just leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you.