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When I send an invoice to a customer why it goes black?

Like you cannot see anything on the invoice how is it possible like this?
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QuickBooks Team

When I send an invoice to a customer why it goes black?

Hello there, fernanadespolofe.


I acknowledge the challenges you're encountering with sending invoices, causing delays in completing your accounting responsibilities. Let's go through the process together to ensure a smooth experience when emailing sales entries. 


QuickBooks Online (QBO) may act strangely, like buttons not responding or pages appearing blank or incomplete, due to a full cache of history and temporary files. To address this matter, open your company in a private window or incognito mode. Then, send the invoice from there.


Private browsing sessions don't retain any local files or cache, eliminating the possibility of a webpage problem. Refer to these shortcut keys to bring up one:


  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N  
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift N


If this works, clear the cache to free up space on your browser and optimize its performance. Otherwise, utilize other supported browsers as an alternative. 


Explore each link to gain valuable insights and guidance on how to organize your sales entries, and instructions to personalize the look for your sales templates:


 If you have any follow-up questions about invoices or managing sales transactions, visit the Community again, fernanadespolofe. I'm always ready to lend a helping hand.