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Bank is booked in FCY at the historical rate(rate of the day of the booking). The auditors do no agree the Cash should appear at the rate of the closing. How to do in QB?

In QB when we book bank transactions in FCY, the system picks up the rate of the day. When I extract the Balance sheet at the end of the year has a balance in LCY that is absolutely not correct as we should use the rate of the year end for cash. My auditors refuse to validate my financial statements because of that. The issue is I can't go back and modify the thousands line I have over the years in order to change the currency rate transaction wise. How to apply the current rate for the cash account? and keep the historic rate for the rest of the balance sheet? I have tried to pass an entry bank (LCY) to Exchange rate lass/gain but that is changing my FCY balance account. Is anyone having the same issue?