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Bank rec

Hello guys,

My company is not register VAT. However, we need to keep track of out investment taxes (0.1% exchange tax & 5% on capital gain tax), so we just when ahead and create tax agency for those two taxes. This cause us needed to create tax rate 0% to be able to record all the transactions.


Our business are include small daily transaction with our partners paid by our credit card. Up until now, because we can't get .csv file from that credit card, we simply create an expenses to record our "expenses" & "partner receivable" with 0% tax rate. When partners paid up, we record payment to match with the expenses.


But the volume of transactions keep increasing, so we decide to go for another bank to get the bank feed. However, while doing bank rec, we can't record the same due to error "You cannot track tax on accounts of types Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.". We try to fix it by deactivate the 0% tax rate and others but then encounter another error "Please choose tax for this transaction.".


Is there anybody have the same issue? I'm appreciated for your help