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If my account is suspended but I paid what does that mean ?

my subscription is suspended but I paid on time what is happening
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QuickBooks Team

If my account is suspended but I paid what does that mean ?

Hey there, @landsgroupcompan. Thanks for sharing your concern on the QuickBooks Community page.


Did you receive an email saying your subscription is suspended even after paying on time? If so, let's review your billing information to verify your payment details are correct and successfully process your payment. Here's how:


  1. Go to Settings, then select Account and settings.
  2. Click the Billing & subscription tab.
  3. Under Payment method, select Edit.
  4. Enter the full credit card information by typing in the complete card number, name on the card, expiration date, and security code. Verify that the billing address in QuickBooks Online is the same one that appears on your credit card statement.
  5. Select Save Changes.


Please take note that only the primary admin can update the payment details. Once the payment is processed, the suspension should be cleared within 24 hours.


In case your account is still suspended, I'd suggest getting in touch with our QuickBooks Team. That way, they can review your account and help you with your payment issues. 


Moreover, you can check this article for additional reference in fixing problems with your QBO subscription: Fix “my subscription payment failed” issues in QuickBooks Online.


Comment on this thread if you need further assistance with handling your subscription in QuickBooks. I'll be here to help. Have a good one.