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Dr Vasanth
Level 1

Worlds worst scammers

Why the subscription has been revised without prior notification. 

Why is the subscription been hiked from ₹162 to ₹ 1,249.62 Per month? Don’t you think that this is such a hike? If this isn’t getting resolved asap me and my team will have to switch our billing/invoicing vendor. Expect your response and solution at the earliest. 

The customer support doesn’t exist with QuickBooks. Such a shame and pain. 

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QuickBooks Team

Worlds worst scammers

Hi there, Dr Vasanth.

I recognize that time and money are important when running a business. Let me help ensure your subscription concern is properly addressed.

Your current subscription rate is dependent upon its price and any discounts offered at the time of sign up. I want to ensure you're only paying for what you're using.

I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online (QBO) Care Team. One of our specialists will ask for personal details to pull up your account. Then review your subscription and explain in detail why the rate has been changed. Follow the steps below to get the support information.

Here’s how:


  1. In QBO, head to the Help icon in the upper right to see more options.
  2. Head to the Assistant tab and enter a brief description of your concern. For example, the subscription rate has been changed.
  3. Choose Contact Us to get in touch with our live support agent.


Here’s an article that covers all the details about our support hours and types: QuickBooks Online Support.

I’ve included a link where you can access our self-help articles: QBO guide. These resources contain topics that will help you efficiently handle your account, taxes, banking-related activities, handle customer or supplier transactions, etc.

Keep in touch if you have other subscription concerns. I'm always ready to help and get this taken care of for you. Have a good one.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Worlds worst scammers

@Dr Vasanth  

If your budget is limited, you should switch to another app. One app offers the lowest plan for free. Purchase a 3rd party conversion service if required.

Dr Vasanth
Level 1

Worlds worst scammers

@Fiat Lux - ASIA 
it’s not about the budget. It’s about the sudden hike in the costing which QuickBooks is entitled to sort and fix. 
I have been a customer of QuickBooks since 2016. I have been paying annual charges then. That’s even more lesser than the current monthly charge (₹1249.62). 

Please note THERE AREN'T EXTRA OR ADDED BENEFITS OR FEATURES LATELY. In addition, the iOS APP has too many bugs that’s been left unsorted for the past 2 years even after notifying the team and even on a call back request conversations. 

With due respect Please understand the query and respond.