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How do I subscribe (country not on lists)

Hello to whomever maybe able to help.


I am currently unable to enter my country in the billing address to be able to subscribe to quickbooks online.


The site will take me to "jersey" site but when I try to enter payment details, jersey is on no list. It is also not on the country list in the Europe section.


If anyone knows a work around I can try, I would be most appreciative.





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How do I subscribe (country not on lists)

Hello @Howletts HFC,


You can subscribe to the United Kingdom version of QuickBooks Online as your location is in Europe and nearly located in the UK. You can read through this article to learn more: Create a new company and add subscriptions.


But I'd still recommend reaching out to a local accountant for the advice in choosing the right version to use. This is because your account information and tax reporting will base on the version you're subscribed to.


I've got you our Self-Help articles for reference in managing your account and future transactions.


Reach out to me if you need anything else. Thanks!