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Abdul Rehman
Level 4

How to stop extension of invoice in two papers?

Hi All,


While working on Custom Form Style, the invoice is expanding on two pages. Guide how to restrict the style on ONE page only?



Abdul  Rahman.

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QuickBooks Team

How to stop extension of invoice in two papers?

Hello Abdul Rehman,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. I'd be glad to assist you with your custom invoices.


If you include the account summary to your invoice template, it'll add more space. Thus, other invoice information will be posted on the next page. You can remove the summary to make it into one page. Let me walk you through how.

  1. Go to Gear, then Custom Form Styles.
  2. Edit your standard template (or your customize template).
  3. Then, the Content tab.
  4. In the body section of your invoice under Account summary, unchecked the box next to Show on invoice.
  5. Tick Done.

Please see attached screenshots below.


Once done, preview your invoice template again.


I've added our blog in case you want to create your invoice template using Word.


You can always reach out to me if you have follow up questions. I'll be around for you. Have blessed day ahead.




Abdul Rehman
Level 4

How to stop extension of invoice in two papers?

Hi  Shiella,


First thanks a lot for replying in detail (even with snap shots).


Second please note that I am not getting the 'Edit' option against the imported template and ultimately unable to execute the action plan suggested by you. The edit option is available only against 'Standard' invoice template NOT against imported one.


May you please guide further?



Abdul Rehman.

Joesem M

How to stop extension of invoice in two papers?

I appreciate the detailed information, @Abdul Rehman.


The workaround provided by my colleague @ShiellaGraceA will work on the Standard Custom form styles. 


Currently, the Edit option for Imported Custom form styles is unavailable. You'll have to re-import the template once again, you can check the steps through this link:


I can see how the edit option for Imported Custom form styles can be beneficial for you and your business. I’m sending feedback on your behalf straight to our developers for consideration in future product enhancements.


You may also visit our QuickBooks Online Blog to know more about our latest happenings. From there, you’ll get the recent news, features, and updates about QBO and what our Product Team is working on.


Please post again if you need any other help. Have a blissful day

Abdul Rehman
Level 4

How to stop extension of invoice in two papers?

Hi Joesem,


Thanks a lot for your clear and detailed reply. And another thanks for logging the need to your development team.



Abdul Rahman.