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IN: Salary to Employee

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QuickBooks Team

IN: Salary to Employee

Hi jkvavaliya,

If you are referring to track your employee payroll, we request you to call on 080-39591100 or log on to for support options. QuickBooks doesn't track payroll for more than 5 employees. 

Level 1

IN: Salary to Employee

Need to know how to process leave & Salary for 300 emplyees in Quickbook? Do you suggest partner application?


IN: Salary to Employee


Welcome to QuickBooks Community!


Paybooks is a leading payroll solution integrated with QuickBooks India. 

Paybooks can be accessed through the Apps tab in QuickBooks. If you are an existing Paybooks user, then you will not see Paybooks in the Employees page or tab in QuickBooks.

Here's how you can access Paybooks going forward

  1. In the left navigation bar, select the Apps tab.
    • If you are a user with Accountant access, you will not see Apps. Please login as a Company Administrator or as the Master Administrator to proceed.
  2. If you do not see the Apps tab, copy and paste into your browser's address bar and hit Enter/Return.
  3. Click My Apps.
  4. Select Paybooks and in the Action dropdown, select Launch.
  5. This action will launch Paybooks in a new browser tab.
  6. You will be automatically signed into the full Paybooks experience.

This article will provide you further details. 


I hope this helps!

Level 1

IN: Salary to Employee 

Above App can be better used in India for Leave, Attendance & Salary Computing.

This is currently offered free and unlimited number of employee records can be managed.

This is connected to QuickBook SMB version and will populate JVs for various Salary heads.