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I have a subscription through the Apple App store for QB Online for about 2 years. I just recently updated my credit card information at the Apple App store. Since then, over 3 weeks now Intuit has suspended my account. I talked to iOS and they say, that the payment for my subscription was sent to Intuit. Intuit says that there is no way for them to confirm my payment from apple. Meanwhile, I cant use the QB Online. Will this issue correct itself during the next billing cycle? I need to know if anybody knows the answer or a solution because QB customer support is useless on the matter and issue and has not resolved the problem or done anything that worked thus far even after hours on the phone with them and many many calls.

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This isn't the kind of service we want you to experience, @joe-tiptopvi-com.


Since Community is a public forum we're unable to check your account that is suspended in QuickBooks. That said, I'd highly suggest contacting our Customer Support Team again. 


I know that you have already reached them but that they're the ones handling this kind of issue. Our Support Team can also check your account securely and further investigate this matter.


Here's how to reach them:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Click Help (?).
  3. In QB Assistant, enter the topic you need help with. You can also enter questions.
  4. Select Contact Us to connect with a live support agent.
  5. Click the Start a chat button to chat with a support expert.


I've collected these articles that will help you manage your billing schedule and other helpful articles that will you manage your account:




Please let me know how the call goes. I’ll be here if you have any additional questions or anything else. Just drop a comment below. Take good care, @joe-tiptopvi-com.

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Thank you for reaching out. First of all I have already consulted with a senior Apple App tech advisor along with  a senior QB Online customer service representative; as a matter of fact, I conferenced both the Apple tech and QB tech on the same phone call so that they could collectively work together. This because I was getting  a runaround from both sides pointing fingers at the other as the source of the problem. Anyway and in conclusion, Apple confirmed with Intuit that my payment form the iOS App system was in fact sent to Intuit. We identified the problem as, in a nutshell, iOS payments are sent to Intuit as a "bulk payment" and Intuit currently has no means of determining which individual subscriptions have been paid in the bulk payment from Apple. Strange since that is Intuits primary business, "accounting".


Your sugestion is much appreciated but unforetunately, a QB Online "Dashboard" through a third party biller like Apple iOS Apps does not have a "Billing and Subscription" function or drop down menu so access to this funstion with a third party account is not availabel to the third party subscriber. 


The suggestion, "to cancel and renew the subscription through the iOS App store", is also not a viable solution to the problem, since the cancellation through Apple will not take effect until the next billing cycle on the iOS app system which could possibly be weeks away. This leaves the end user with a suspended account status until the subscribers next billing cycle on the Apple App store and when a refreshed payment or subscription status is transmitted to Intuit. This translates to the end user being left in the dark with NO access to their QB account until their next subscription billing cycle on the iOS system. Not good especially when the end user is trying to run a small business.


Possible Solution: 


1. Intuit QB has to develop a method which allows the bulk payment data from Apple to be broken down into its individual components, each and every QB account that comprises the Apple bulk payment to Intuit. This function currently does not exist on Intuit's side. Hence, Intuit QB can't verify a specific subscribers payment status in between the subscribers billing cycle on the iOS system. The inability of Intuit to look at an Apple bulk payment from an QB individual account and be able to verify the payment data from this perspective is what is preventing Intuit from changing the subscription status of a subscriber that is billed through a third party like Apple. 


2. Develop a mechanism where Intuit's third party payment and subscription databases are updated or verified at more frequent intervals than just the subscriber's current monthly or annual billing cycles.


I hope that Intuit takes my analysis of this issue and case as collective criticism, to rectify the problem expeditiously, since it is not unique to me and is common with many other third party subscribers.


At this point, the only solution that I see for me, is to wait for my next iOS billing cycle on January 24th when Apple's payment and subscription data is refreshed to Intuits databases.


Respectfully Submitted,


QB and QB Online User for Over 22 years

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Did this ever get resolved?


im going on 6 weeks now and no fix. I’m in the middle of $270k worth of projects that I can’t modify, update, or receive payments for and their team is absolutely worthless.


I believe, wholeheartedly, that quickbooks should 100% be removed from the App Store until they’re willing to fix their issues. 

QuickBooks Team


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, wkornfeld.


I just wanted to let you know that my colleague responded to your other post. In order to keep the conversation streamlined and provide you with the best resolution, I'll ask that you post any follow-ups there.


Just in case you haven't been notified of the new response, here's the link:


Lastly, I'm also adding this article to further guide you in effectively managing your business using QBO: Help guide for QuickBooks Online. It contains topics about advanced accounting, banking, payments, and how you can manage your billing info in QuickBooks.


Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns about your QBO subscription. As always, you can post to the QuickBooks Community anytime you need a helping hand. Take care, wkornfeld.