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Run a Profit and Loss Comparison Report

Learn how to get a Profit and Loss Comparison Report in QuickBooks Online.

Use Profit and Loss Comparison Reports to compare your income and expenses for different time periods. You can compare your performance this week, month, or year to other timeframes. This shows you how your business is performing over time.

Step 1: Get a Profit and Loss Comparison Report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Enter Profit and Loss Comparison in the search field. You can also find the same report under the Standard tab.

Step 2: Customise your report

By default, Profit and Loss Comparison Reports show the current year-to-date and the same time period last year. You can change the length of time and dates as needed.

  1. In the Report period dropdown, select the length of time you want to see.
  2. In the date field, select the start and end dates.
  3. In the Compare another period dropdown, select the Previous year checkbox to see the same timeframe and dates last year. Or if you want to see the last period for the length of time you selected, select the Previous Period checkbox.
  4. In the Compare another period dropdown, select the ₹ change or % change checkboxes to add those columns to the report.
  5. In the Accounting method section, select Cash or Accrual.
  6. When you're ready, select Run report.

Tip: You can also select Customise to add columns or filter for certain info.

I want to see if this year's holiday week sales were better than last year. I only want to see the money I actually made, not invoices, and the exact amount difference.

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Open a Profit and Loss Comparison Report.
  3. In the Report Period dropdown, select This Week. The start and end date of the week are displayed.
  4. In the Compare another period dropdown, select the Previous year and the change checkboxes.
  5. In the Accounting method section, select Cash.
  6. Select Run report.

This tells you how much more you made for each product this year compared to last year.

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