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Comment on fait pour changer un numero de facture

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QuickBooks Team

Comment on fait pour changer un numero de facture

Hi there, @info1266


Welcome to the Community. I've used the Google translator to make sure I've got your concern correctly. I understand that you need help in changing your invoice number and I'd be delighted to be your QuickBooks guide today. 


We can turn on and utilize the Custom transaction numbers feature so you can use your desired numbering format. Here's how: 


  1. In the Settings menu, go to the Account and Settings tab.
  2. Select Sales, then click anywhere within the Sales form content section.
  3. Check the box next to Custom transaction numbers, then select Save and Done.


You can now open the invoice or any sales form and enter the custom number or letter sequence you want to use for your forms in the Invoice no. field. 


Please know that the sequence you set here will be applied to all sales forms. Also, I'd recommend you turn off the Custom transaction numbers feature after setting up your custom invoice numbering. This will help prevent accidental changes to your numbering format.


Read and learn about how to style and personalize your sales forms in QuickBooks Online. Here's the best article for your future reference: Import custom form styles for invoices or estimates.


Feel free to visit again if you have other questions. I'm always around to help.