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Unique Quantity Code (UQC) Support in QuickBooks

For creating a GST compliant invoice, UQC (also known as Unit of Measurement) information should be printed in the invoice.

Unique Quantity Code (UQC) is a unit of measurement which needs to be mentioned in the invoice or sales forms along with quantity. e.g. 1 kilogram of wheat should be mentioned as 1 KGS in the invoice, 1 litre of oil as 1000 MLT etc.

QuickBooks now has the option to associate UQC with a product and print the UQC in the invoice. User can now update their custom code to be printed on invoice or other sales form e.g. sq.ft. or Kilos. etc.

UQC details can be added with all the Product & Services.  While adding the UQC the user will have option to add their custom code for the particular UQC. Bundle will not have option to associate UQC.

In order to update the already created product or service item, one would need to edit the product information manually, select the appropriate UQC value and save the changes.

The values in the UQC drop down is updated as per the 43 UQCs specified by the Government of India. However, for printing the code on invoice, the user has the option to update their custom code.

When a product (inventory or non-inventory) which has UQC value set is used in a sales form (invoice/estimates/sales receipts, etc.), the printed/PDF of the transaction will have the UNIT column added automatically and the UQC value will be printed along with quantity. If the user has updated their custom UQC value, the custom value will be printed.  However, while creating the transaction one will not find the UNIT option visible.

The UQC information will automatically flow into the relevant sections GSTR reports (GSTR1 & GSTR2).

  • In "GSTR1 12 - HSN-Wise Summary of Outward Supplies" will have UQC information populated as per the data set by the user. If for any product (HSN) UQC is not specified the report will default UQC to "OTH" (Others) in the report. The report will be first grouped by HSN and then by UQC. If for one HSN two UQCs are used then that HSN will be listed twice in the report.
  • Similar to "GSTR1 12 - HSN-Wise Summary For Outward Supplies", "GSTR2 - 13. HSN Summary of Inward Supplies" report will also get populated with UQC information for the HSNs.

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