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Accounting firm eliminates paper and manual processes

Victor Goh.
Acc Pro (Singapore) Group
Co-Founder and Group Business Development Director

Accountant Software Case Study with Acc Pro Singapore


Acc Pro (Singapore) Group is a growing firm offering compliance and advisory services. Prior to moving to QuickBooks Online they were using an outdated accounting system that was cumbersome to use and required an enormous amount of manual data entry. 

Since moving to QuickBooks Online the practice has transformed into a more agile and customer centric firm. Having anywhere and any time access to client data means they are able to answer questions on the go and also provide forward looking insights to their happy clients. 

By automating many processes and eliminating paper from the practice they have achieved impressive productivity and costs savings.

Results at a glance

Eliminated Paper
Eliminated Paper

Impressive savings on paper, filing and storage costs. No more wasted hours searching for paper files.

Improved Service
Improved Service

Client satisfaction and service levels have skyrocketed. Cloud access means the team can assist clients anywhere and at any time.

Streamlined Workflows
Streamlined Workflows

Manual tasks have been eliminated from the practice and productivity enhanced. Automation has shaved hours from month end processing.

Image Alt Text
Numbers tell a story and when you have a comprehensive view of client data you can spend time analyzing the data rather than extracting it or writing reports.


Acc Pro (Singapore) Group (Acc Pro) is a growing, value-adding technology consulting firm in Singapore. They are dedicated to helping their clients build sustainable and profitable businesses.

They provide compliance and advisory services, and assist clients to automate their accounting processes by harnessing the power of cloud accounting.

The problem

When Acc Pro was first established, they were using an accounting solution that required tedious, manual book-keeping. It was frustrating and time consuming because they had to receive the physical documents from clients, and manually key in the data before they could produce reports.

Giving clients timely and strategic advice was key to practice growth, and the outdated software was making the process time consuming and overly complex. 

The solution

Acc Pro’s Co-Founder and Group Business Development Director Victor Goh headed up the selection process.

“After an extensive market review we selected QuickBooks Online because of the user-friendly features and we really like the way it links the products and services to the chart of accounts, as well as the autogeneration of accounting data at the back end said Mr. Goh.

Getting access to quality data in a timely fashion was vital. Acc Pro was impressed by the thorough reporting capabilities in QuickBooks Online. There are over 65 standard reports that allow accountants to drill down to profit, project, and cost centres. 

Accountant Victor Goh talks QuickBooks Online
Image Alt Text
When you have access to this type of information you can immediately identify issues within a business and resolve them, before they impact business performance.


Budgeting is much easier in QuickBooks as well. Historical data can be copied and pasted when preparing budgets. This has been a huge time saver for Acc Pro. They also like the ability to break down budget by customers, and unlimited profit and cost centres.


The graphical reports assist Acc Pro and their clients to keep track of working capital and the overall performance of a business.

Monitoring receivables is much easier now as Acc Pro has real-time access to client files. Dashboards clearly show those accounts that are in arears and automatic reminders can be established to reduce the number of outstanding invoices.

“The inventory function in QuickBooks is a potent feature, it closely monitors levels and helps us to ensure client funds are not tied up with excess inventory,” said Mr. Goh.

QuickBooks Accountant Software has powerful reporting
Image Alt Text
As management accountants, we like the ability to perform horizontal and vertical analysis. QuickBooks makes it quick and easy for us to thoroughly analyse costs and revenue.

Efficiency savings

Since implementing QuickBooks Online the Acc Pro office has become paperless. This has provided enormous productivity and cost savings.

Their clients’ month-end processing is much more streamlined with QuickBooks Online as the system utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify missing items and uncategorized transactions. 

QuickBooks Accountant Software help to improve practice efficiency

Automating processes

To achieve efficiency savings, Acc Pro works closely with clients to understand their existing manual processes. They then map the process to the automated workflow in QuickBooks Online. This approach ensures they achieve impressive productivity savings, their clients are also enjoying impressive time savings with some clients reporting improvements of up to a 50%. 

Image Alt Text
The month-end review feature in QuickBooks Online Accountant helps us close client books in less time and more accurately than our previous system.


While Acc Pro was initially searching for a solution that would deliver improved access to client data, they have found so much more.

QuickBooks Online has transformed Acc Pro’s practice and now every aspect of the firm is streamlined. From bookkeeping to advisory, manual processes have been transformed and their nimble team is able to focus on helping clients.

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