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What is E-invoicing in Singapore?

The government has designed its e-invoicing initiative to streamline the process of issuing and receiving invoices in Singapore. This feature enables simple, error-free, and safe invoice delivery at just the push of a button.

Quickbooks E-Invoicing
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What Does E-invoicing Mean for Businesses?

E-invoices pave the way for automation by facilitating the digital transmission of invoices from one financial system to another. 

This allows businesses of all sizes to process invoices smoothly and quickly without resorting to time-consuming and error-prone manual methods

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Benefits of E-invoicing for Small Businesses

E-invoicing can benefit your small business in various areas of your work operations. Three major advantages that electronic invoicing can give your company include the following:

Faster payments

  • Invoices sent out within seconds. 
  • Faster client e-invoice processing due to less need for human intervention. 

What is PEPPOL E-invoicing (InvoiceNow)?

InvoiceNow is a government e-invoice system. It does several things, like reducing negative impacts on the environment, helping you reduce costs on paper, and facilitating international business transactions.

What’s better is that the Peppol network integrates some of the best e-invoicing software like QuickBooks invoicing software. This allows you to:

  • Seamlessly send and receive e-invoices between accounting systems with InvoiceNow in Singapore.
  • QuickBooks gives you the tools to make professional invoices
  • Customise payment schedules
  • Keep track of payments all in one place, so you can get paid fast and you can simplify your accounting processes.

What is PEPPOL E-invoicing (InvoiceNow)?

E-invoicing Support from Government

The Peppol authority offers two grant packages along with the InvoiceNow network. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) created these two packages to motivate businesses to join the InvoiceNow network. It also initiated e-invoicing with its trading partners and rewards companies in Singapore already submitting electronic invoices. 

LEAD Grant Package for New Users

  LEAD Connect Grant LEAD Transact Grant
Who is eligible? Large companies who do not integrate their current financial/ERP systems with InvoiceNow Large businesses with financial/ERP software already integrated with InvoiceNow
How much will I receive? $30,000 Up to $40,000 in tiers
How can I claim this amount? LEAD Connect Claim Form LEAD Transact Claim Form

InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus (ITB) Package for Current Users

InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus (ITB) Grant
Eligibility Criteria Send your first e-invoice with InvoiceNow Send 10 invoices in total within 12 months through InvoiceNow
How much will I receive? $50 $150
How can I claim this amount? InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus Registration

Connect QuickBooks to LinkFor

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Trouble-free invoicing

To guarantee a trouble-free invoicing process, LinkFor facilitates a fast and secure link between various cloud accounting and ERP systems.

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Efficiency and productivity

With the right e-invoicing solution providers, the entire process gets taken care of. This way you improve efficiency and increase productivity.

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Up to 50% off the original price

QuickBooks does precisely this and more. It sends and receives invoices directly within QuickBooks to your customer’s system. Our accounting software also comes with a Productivity Solutions Grant that covers up to 50% of the original price.

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