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Get up to 80% of your software investment reimbursed

Take advantage of the generous government incentives to improve efficiency and eliminate manual data entry with QuickBooks Online.

Running a business is complicated. Your accounting software should help you.

In order to thrive, SMEs need automated systems to help them to run their businesses more efficiently and QuickBooks Online is the answer. It’s a powerful business management tool that is surprisingly easy to use. The good news is the Productivity Solutions Grant will cover up to 80% of the costs of your QuickBooks Online setup and installation.

Productivity Solutions Grant

What is the Productivity Solutions Grant?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a joint initiative by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore. The grant is designed to provide financial support to companies that are ready to adopt IT solutions and improve productivity.

QuickBooks Online is a PSG approved solution, so there has never been a better time to get started with cloud accounting. The solution will enhance accessibility and cashflow as well as drive impressive productivity improvements.

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Are you ready to take advantage of the generous grants available?
Contact us today and we’ll connect you to a pre-approved solution provider.

Productivity Solutions Grant

Setup and training costs are covered too

The cost of system implementation is also covered by the Productivity Solutions Grant, because having the right systems and processes in place will ensure you can take advantage of the benefits that QuickBooks Online delivers.

Professional support during system design and implementation will help to make the transition seamless. It will ensure you can align your new accounting system with your business goals and start realising business potential.

We have a number of highly trained QuickBook Pro-Advisors that are pre-approved to deliver QuickBooks Online under the Productivity Solutions Grant.

Pre-Approved QuickBooks Online Solution Providers

Pre-Approved QuickBooks Online Solution Provider
Pre-Approved QuickBooks Online Solution Provider
Pre-Approved QuickBooks Online Solution Provider

Are you ready to get started?

Contact us today and we’ll connect you to a pre-approved solution provider.

Apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant in four simple steps


Step 1

Speak to us and we will connect you to a pre-approved QuickBooks Pro-Advisor who will provide a quote for software, system design, training and implementation.


Step 2

Submit your grant application online. Applications are processed within four to six weeks. Once approved you will receive a letter of offer outlining the subsidy amount.


Step 3

Once you have approval contact the Pro-Advisor that supplied the quote and get started. Confirm and sign the quotation so that implementation can begin.


Step 4

You have 6 months to finalise the implementation. Once complete submit the claim and you will receive reimbursement within two months.

Productivity Solutions Grant

Who is eligible to apply for PSG?

Any SME can apply for PSG if they meet the criteria below:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding

QuickBooks Online delivers the insights you need to run your business more efficiently


Work from anywhere, on any device.

More Singaporeans are working remotely now than ever before. QuickBooks can be accessed on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, so you and your colleagues can work smarter together no matter where you are.

Run your business on your terms

View your cash flow, send a custom invoice or track your expenses on the go. QuickBooks holds all the tools you need to meet your goals faster.


Get paid quicker

Our invoicing templates let you create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates. Send them off in mere minutes and get back to pursuing your passion.



Manage your cash flow

Tracking expenses is easier than ever. Photograph and save receipts on the go with the QuickBooks Online mobile app. You’ll always be ready for tax time.



Get instant insights

See how your business is doing with a range of popular reports. Or customise one to include details that matter to you.



Connect your bank

Connect seamlessly and securely with your bank, to track your cash flow and see how your business is doing.


See what QuickBooks can do for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online accounting software?

Online accounting software is sometimes called 'cloud-based software'. It allows users to create, store and send invoices from any device. You don't need anything saved on your computer, and there are no disks to load. Simply log in on a web browser and jump right into your QuickBooks online account. Your personal data and settings are right there, stored safely in 'the cloud'.

Is there a trial period to try QuickBooks accounting software & how do I sign Up?

There's a 30 day free trial period. Just enter your name, email address and choose a password and you're good to go - we don't ask for your payment details for trial.

Choose a plan and get started

How do I subscribe if I decide that QuickBooks online is right for me?

Once your trial period finishes, you will be directed to a payment page where you can subscribe. You can choose to subscribe at any stage during the trial with a few clicks of your mouse.

Can I customise my invoices in QuickBooks accounting software?

Yes, go ahead and add your personal touch. QuickBooks lets you customise invoices, estimates and sales receipts with a look that suits your brand.

Does QuickBooks Online have free invoicing software?

You can try QuickBooks online for free for 30 days. During your trial, you'll get access to all of QuickBooks incredible features and send unlimited invoices for free.

How Secure is QuickBooks accounting software online in Singapore?

QuickBooks keeps your data safe as it uses advanced industry-recognized security standards and creates an automatic backup of the accounting data. For more information, read about data security in QuickBooks.