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QuickBooks Online has made it easy to stay on top of client work during the global pandemic.

Lily Tan.
TnB Global Outsource Pte Ltd

Accountant Software Case Study


TNB Global Outsource Pte Ltd (TnB) was founded by Alex Bong and Lily Tan. The firm had been focused on providing outsourced accounting and business performance evaluation services using QuickBooks desktop as the accounting solution. When QuickBooks Online Accountant launched in Singapore the team at TnB recognised that a more efficient solution may be available.

TnB moved clients onto QuickBooks Online and that has provided many efficiency savings to both their clients and the practice. The increased capacity within the firm that the productivity improvements introduced has allowed TnB to upskill their team and expand their services offering to include a comprehensive business transformation and data analytics solution. The services they deliver now are forward looking and provide information that is vital for business growth.

Results at a glance

More referrals
More referrals

Partnering with QuickBooks on the Productivity Solutions Grant has generated a constant flow of new clients.

Enhanced skills
Enhanced skills

The productivity savings they achieved has provided excess capacity for staff to upskill and deliver new services.

Efficiency savings
Efficiency savings

Manual tasks have been eliminated, there is no more re-keying of client invoices which has delivered enormous savings.

Image Alt Text
QuickBooks Online has changed the way we perform accounting functions, making life easier and more efficient for our clients and our team. The pandemic are ripping up paper processes, the recovery will be digital!
Lily Tan, FCCA, ACTA, TnB Global Outsource Pte Ltd, Director


Founded in 2000 TNB Global Outsource Pte Ltd (TnB) is a full service accounting firm based in Singapore and servicing thousands of clients. They have around 30 staff that deliver accounting, corporate secretary, tax services, compliance and business advisory services. TnB are also a PSG pre-approved vendor solution provider for Quickbooks online supported by IMDA that help small businesses to harness technology solutions at a subsidised rate.

Lily Tan, TnB Global Outsource Pte Ltd

The problem

TnB is one of the top reseller for Quickbooks Desktop and had been using the system since the practice began. The team had to regularly go to visit clients to pick up a copy of their financial data and invoices for keying into the system. It was time consuming, cumbersome and error prone.

They spent a lot of time performing administrative tasks and craved more time to help their clients to grow.

Being a desktop version meant that TnB rarely had a real-time view of their clients finances which made it difficult to be proactive. This approach meant they could only see historical data and the financial impact of what had happened in the business. They did not have a current view so were unable to identify potential issues before they occurred.

Image Alt Text
As soon as we saw QuickBooks Online we knew it would provide enormous benefits to our firm, the accessibility it delivers has transformed our service delivery.

The solution

TnB decided to introduce QBO to a few of their clients and the feedback was positive. Their clients loved the clean and easy to use interface. They found the graphical reports easy to understand which ensured the data was more useful.

Clients are now wanting to use the system, which is a huge change. All duplicate keying has been eliminated and much of the transaction entry has been automated which has cut costs and provided additional staff capacity within the TnB team.

We are pleased we made the move to QuickBooks Online it has provided us with productivity improvements, enhanced collaboration between staff and clients and delivered real business results.

QuickBooks Online has made it easy to stay on top of client work during the global pandemic. With so many employees and clients working remotely, QBO provides TnB with the flexibility they need to stay connected wherever they go. It also means their data is protected by stringent security. They have the insights they need to not only react to changing business conditions, but also provide clients with pro-active and timely advice.

Alex Bong
QuickBooks Online provides our clients with the vital 3A’s, which is access anytime, anywhere and from any device!
Alex Bong, CA,CPA (A)

Improved communication

TnB and their clients are impressed with QBO, they now have one common platform for communication. The TnB team can message clients requesting information or files and nothing is lost or overlooked. The streamlined workflows ensure open and transparent communication. 

The Work Tab in QuickBooks Online Accountant has improved the allocation of work within the firm. Managers can effortlessly keep track of staff capacity and identify potential gaps and fill them before billings are impacted.

Increased capacity

The productivity savings that QBO delivered meant that TnB had excess staff capacity so they took advantage of the opportunity to upskill their team and also become a pre-approved vendor including the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).

PSG covers up to 80% of the cost of implementing cloud accounting solutions. This enables TnB to assist small business owners to go digital and harness the savings that technology delivers, at a subsidised rate. TnB partnered with QuickBooks to deliver PSG which has seen an enormous increase in the number of new QBO users.

Increased capacity

Mobility a winner

TnB clients really appreciate the productivity gains that the mobile app delivers. They can access their financial information from their smartphone when they are out of the office. They can issue invoices from a work site, send reminders, and even take a picture of expense receipts while they are out and about.

The mobile app provides TnB with access to client data, anywhere in the world. That ensures they are able to answer questions and respond to queries quickly which enhances client satisfaction.

Mobility a winner

A complete transformation

The TnB now have time to assist clients to analyse the depth of data they are storing within QBO. Upskilling their team in data analytics allows them to leverage financial data to help their clients to grow more profitable businesses which is hugely rewarding for the TnB team.

A complete transformation
Image Alt Text
The increased staff capacity we have means we are able to fully utilise our skills and expertise to provide clients with forward looking advice rather than spending our time re-keying data and correcting errors


TnB have made the transition from compliance to advisory, thanks to the increased efficiencies and productivity savings that QBO delivered. The team are able to fully utilise their skills and training to have the greatest impact on their clients businesses. 

They are no longer wasting time visiting clients to collect source documents and re-keying data, the team have been able to build upon their already impressive skills to deliver the important training and advice that small business owners crave.

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