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Free Invoice Templates

Free Invoice Templates

If you’re a freelancer or a small business owner in Hong Kong (HK), chances are you’ll need to create invoices for your business. Download a free invoice template for your specific needs, and create and send professional invoices as a PDF, in Excel or as Google sheets, or in Microsoft Word or Google docs.

Get tips on what to include according to what you do and how to use professional Invoicing Software to get paid faster through online payments or credit cards.

Free Small Business Owner Invoice Template
Most small businesses need an invoice that stands out. Fill in, customise, and send out your small business invoices to your clients with our free invoice template. Learn what to include, how much to charge, and more with some helpful tips.
Download A Small Business Owner Invoice Template Free
Free Freelance Invoice Template

Working as a freelancer means you’ll have to stay organised and implement a professional invoicing process that works for you and your clients. Download a free invoice template in word and learn what to include, how much to charge, and when to send invoices to your clients in Hong Kong.

Download A Free Freelance Invoice Template

Tired of manually creating and sending each invoice?

Looking to up your invoice game? With QuickBooks Online invoicing software, you can send customised, professional invoices from your phone or computer in just minutes. Additionally, the smart predictions make it easy to know when your invoices will be paid, you can even automate gentle reminders for overdue invoices.

QuickBooks Online vs Free Invoice Template

Invoicing Features QuickBooks Online Free Invoice Template
Email your invoice to clients for free
Add multiple lines of items with descriptions
Easily track who's paid and which invoices are outstanding
Avoid late payments with automated payment reminders
Set up deposit notifications to your mobile and other devices
Add a discount to your invoice
Automate invoices for recurring subscriptions
Create partial invoices for different stages of a project
Create custom and personalised invoice templates
Create and send invoices from mobile devices on the go
Integrate invoice management with the rest of your business
Free unlimited support
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Manual invoices vs. invoice software

QuickBooks Online Invoicing Software

  • Get paid fast with payment-enabled invoices. Add an optional “Pay Now” button to invoices, so your customers can pay directly online with a variety of payment methods, including debit/credit cards and wire transfers
  •  With our innovative software, it is easy to track outstanding invoices on your phone and get alerts when your invoices are viewed and paid.
  • In addition, send payment reminders to your customers from within QuickBooks Online. On top of that, you can automate the invoice sending process at your set schedule. Customer information is automatically pulled in, making prep simple.

Manual Invoices

  • Unlike automated invoices, manual invoices may involve more steps to issue, and for customers to complete payments. It involves manual entry of customer calculation and sale information. Plus, it needs to be tracked and monitored manually. 
  • There’s room for error and delays with manual follow-up, particularly for payment reminders and past-due payment notifications, which might eventually end up with late payments, leading to cash flow problems.

Invoices Requirements in Hong Kong

It is essential to follow the right invoice format for your clients in Hong Kong. As per the law, the Inland Revenue Ordinance (IRO) requires you to keep sufficient records either in English or Chinese to enable your assessable profits to be readily ascertained. It is important to note that all records must be retained for seven years from the transaction date. Otherwise, the freelancer or service provider could face massive fines. . 

To avoid any inconvenience, you must format your invoice according to the instructions issued by the Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong.

For local currency invoices, simply mention:

  • The exact date of the invoice
  • The invoice number
  • Name and address of the individual
  • The contents or services supplied, including quantities and prices
  • Address of the company 
  • Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) number
  • Complete banking details, including bank name, Bank code, Branch code, Swift Code, and account number

Invoice template FAQs

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