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QuickBooks Team

Amex not syncing with quickbooks

Howdy, GTygert. 


Let me share some information on what is error OLSU1013 in QuickBooks. QuickBooks error OLSU 1013 takes place when QuickBooks fails to communicate with your bank or financial institution. It can occur when you have authorized an inactive bank account for online banking in QuickBooks. 


Improper setting of online banking in QuickBooks can also promote error OLSU. When the error occurs, you may not be able to update your account information or download the latest transactions from your bank. 


Error code OLSU 1013 can be triggered due to several reasons listed in the below-given points: 


  • Weak or unstable Internet, preventing QuickBooks from connecting with the bank
  • Incorrect user ID or password can also promote QuickBooks error OLSU 1013
  • Bank’s server is under maintenance
  • Unsupportive configuration of the Internet Explorer deterring QuickBooks from connecting with the Internet
  • Outdated Banking Institution Directory
  • When you are not using Express or Side By Side Mode 


QuickBooks error OLSU 1013 can be removed easily with a few simple troubleshooting procedures: Here's how:  


  • Procedure 1: Modify Internet Explorer Settings 

  • Procedure 2: Deactivate All Accounts Having Online Services 


If none of the troubleshooting procedures bring luck to the eradication of QuickBooks Online error code, then contact us using the contact number in this link: QuickBooks Online Support


Let me know if there’s anything else you need. I’ll be around to help. Wishing you the best! 

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

Not working for me either. Quickbooks said it was issue on their end but been over a week. Can't sync my AMEX at all when I try to add it in. Yet I can log onto AMEX no problem. Ugh! 


Amex not syncing with quickbooks

I can help you with syncing your AMEX transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO), @Jdean011.


Can you tell me more about the error you're having with AMEX? That'll help us get the best resolution for the error you're having.


For now, you can perform a manual update to get the latest available transactions from your online banking account. 


Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Banking menu from the left panel and click the Banking tab. 
  2. Select the bank account that you're having trouble with. 
  3. Click on the Update button.


This updates your bank and credit card transactions. If you see a message about additional authentication, follow the onscreen instructions. 


After pulling up new transactions you can now categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO) account. 


Here's what you can do if you don’t see your recently downloaded bank transactions in QBO: What to do if you get a bank error or can't download transactions in QuickBooks Online


In case, you don't have this option, you can clear your browser's cache or try using other browsers. See this article for detailed guidance: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks Online.


I'm always here if you need further guidance in refreshing your bank connections. Let me know in the Reply section below. Have a great rest of the day!

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

I've been on phone with quick books twice now and they viewed my screen, went through troubleshooting, and still no luck. QB says it's their problem yet still hasn't fixed it yet? I thought quickbooks was a big company @MJoy_D @?

QuickBooks Team

Amex not syncing with quickbooks

Hi, @Jdean011. I'm here to provide additional troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue you had with the Amex account.


I can see from the screenshot you've added that you're getting error 102. This error happens when your bank's website is undergoing maintenance or have server issues. This can stop the online bank connection to QuickBooks.


As an initial step, you can manually update your account as suggested by MaryJoyD above. 


If you're getting the same result, I recommend checking out your bank and credit card's website to make sure everything is working on their end.


  1. Sign in to your bank or credit card's website. If you can't sign in, reach out to your bank or credit card company about the next steps.
  2. Look for any messages, notifications, or alerts. This should tell you if something isn't working.
  3. Review your account pages, account history, and transactions. If you can't see these, there may be connection issues.


If everything looks good, you're now ready to work with your bank transactions as before. And, here's how you can categorise the entries: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


However, if the error continues, you can get back to our Support Team for further assistance. A live representative can look into your account securely and review the previous case you had to fix this connection issue.


Let me know if you have any other follow-up questions about Amex and QuickBooks connection. I'll be right here to provide additional help. Keep safe!

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

Hi @Angelyn_T, QB had me do all of that twice already. AMEX says all good on their end and I can log into their site just fine. It's a QB issue that apparently nobody knows how to fix? Seems strange. It's frustrating when I'm on phone with tech support for an hour each time and nobody knows how to fix. The only thing they say is give it some time and allow us to fix it. It's been couple weeks and not fixed. I just don't know what to do now and tried everything everyone has put in this thread with no luck 😕 

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

 Hi @Angelyn_T, 

I am an IT analyst myself. So I understand how two systems integrate and the issues which can arise. 


Started using Quickbooks since Jul this year. Initially, all worked ok. 


Amex hasn't synced since last 83 days. (error 102)

Quickbooks online cannot connect to 28 degrees mastercard(error 105)


And please dont tell me that it is a bank website issue. Bank websites are working fine for the last 3 months... I have tried many times for weeks... Have tried logging in again and again....No joy. 

Two Tickets have been raised since 2 weeks ... Absolutely no response back from Intuit... 


Chatted to support 4 times... Rang them once to inquire about the progress. every time same answer...The engineer is looking at it.  No timeframe for resolution. 

This is a joke and I have been just asked to do this syncing manually .. I am regretting setting up an account with Intuit. 

and I am paying a subscription monthly without any benefit...


I have just missed my deadline for doing BAS. 


All I want is for this issue to be resolved.



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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

It's maddening! And they charge soo much for no support. 

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

I have had the same problem with QB desktop as well! One day it was syncing fine and the next there was an error! I have spent hours trying to figure it out, looked at all the replies to messages like this string and nothing works! I sent a message to intuit support and nothing! They need to figure this out! Unfortunately we are all powerless to do anything! :o(


Amex not syncing with quickbooks

I always want you to have a smooth experience while using our product features in QuickBooks, @GTygert.


It also disappoints me when the system I used to have seamless integration and connection get an error for a long time all of a sudden. Since you already worked out all the steps to resolve the error OLSU1013 in QuickBooks by following my peer's recommendation, @AileneA, I still suggest reaching out Care Support team by following these steps:


  1. Run QuickBooks Desktop and then press the F1 keyboard key.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Type a brief description of your issue, then hit Let's talk or Continue.


This way, they can create an investigation with Amex bank feeds connection in QuickBooks Desktop and verify this issue.


On the other hand, I encourage our fellow users in QuickBooks Online, @Jdean011, and @MKRAM, to contact our Care Support team. We recently had an open investigation about error 102, and the case code is INV-63069. This way, our representative will pull up your account and attach it to the case to send you both further email updates after reaching them.


Please be back to this thread or create a new post in the Community if you have additional questions or concerns about bank feeds in QuickBooks. We're always open 24/7 to help. Stay safe and well.

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

Mines back to error 102 since 31/1 anyone else having grief?

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

Thanks for joining in this thread, CJ_Aus.


The error code 102 you've received in QuickBooks Online usually means there's ongoing maintenance on the bank's website or a connection issue. Have you tried doing the troubleshooting steps provided by Angelyn_T and MaryJoyD? If not, I'd recommend performing the troubleshooting steps to help isolate the situation encountered.


  1. Click on the Banking/Transactions tab.
  2. Click on the AMEX account you're having issues with.
  3. Click on Update.
  4. Check if there are new transactions downloaded. If not, proceed to the next step.
  5. Click on the Pencil icon of the bank account affected.
  6. Click on Edit sign in information.
  7. Enter your banks log in details manually.
  8. Click on Update.

The manual update helps resync your bank transactions in QuickBooks Online. If the issue persists, we'd recommend contacting our customer care team for them to escalate your banking connection in a secure form. Since the Community is a public space, we're unable to ask for your details here.


In the meantime, you can manually upload the missing bank transactions in QuickBooks using a CSV file form. Here's a link for more detailed information What to do if you get a bank error or can't download transactions in QuickBooks Online and Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online.


As always you can post your questions here in the Community and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. Have a good one.

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

yes I've done that with no joy, this seems to be an ongoing issue for quickbooks...


Doing manually defeats the purpose of the system.


Amex not syncing with quickbooks

Thank you for doing the troubleshooting steps provided above, CJ_Aus.


I would suggest to contact our Customer Care Team to further investigate on this one for you. Here's how to contact customer support: 


How to contact customer support

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Select Help (?).
  3. In QB Assistant, enter the topic you need help with. You can also enter questions.
  4. Select Contact Us to connect with a live support agent.
  5. Choose a way to connect with us. 

Feel free to know if you need further assistance. Thanks. 

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

The short answer is that Quickbooks/Intuit closed my case without resolving it.  Amex is still working on it.  At the prices Intuit charges, they need to be more responsive. 


If your account(s) are "business accounts", not personal or corp., you should be ok.


If AMEX doesn't fix the issue I am closing my account and no longer going to recommend Intuit.  AMEX is 70% of all of my transactions :(


I have wasted at least 20 hours on this!!!!

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

This is what has happened to me. I followed all the troubleshooting steps and removed the connection only to find when I came back to renew it I couldn't. The error is still 580 and says 


We're Sorry

We cannot connect to your account. Connecting with Intuit France SAS is not available in your region.

You will now be logged out of American Express account and returning to Intuit France SAS, where all use is governed by Intuit France SAS's terms and conditions and subject to its privacy and security policies and practices.


Then when I hit return to Intuit France SAS I get the error code 580


Amex not syncing with quickbooks

Hello Solidariti, 


Appreciate you for joining this thread and letting us know about your experience.


As of now, there's an ongoing investigation, and our banking engineers are already aware of this. They are currently working on a permanent solution. My colleague shared some steps and details on what to do so we can add your company details to the investigation. Also, she provided a workaround. Please visit this link for more information: Error 580


We'll be around to help you anytime. Take care and stay safe.

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Amex not syncing with quickbooks

0. Use Firefox or Chrome

1.  In QB banking, Re-enter you Amex username and password

2. Redo the text verification (usually have to do the text verification at least twice)

3.  Go to banking and hit update