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QBO bank feeds are innaccurate and incorrect

I've found some serious issues.



With credit cards, often a charge might come in as a pending charge. Esp with international merchants, you may get 1/1 $1.01. Then after a few days the bank statement shows 2/1 $1.03 and stays there.


Sometimes QBO will see this change, and only show the last item. Sometimes it will show both, duplicating the charge. It happens even with Amazon AU, so sometimes you get 2 charges same amt, sometimes different amt due to forex.



BOQ enhanced feed - which comes direct from BOQ and isn't scraped, is innaccurate.

In the last week, I found 4 transactions in BOQ that aren't loaded into QBO.


WIth these issues, I'm having doubts whether I can trust this software. As a sole trader, I don't need to use QBO, I can do spreadsheet if I like.


If I can't even trust a bank feed coming in, why not use a spreadsheet?


I'm disappointed we are paying now hiked to $22/mth and basically I can't use rules because I can't trust my feed and so what am I doing?

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QuickBooks Team

QBO bank feeds are innaccurate and incorrect

Hi danvers,


Thank you so much for this feedback and insight.


I'll be sure to share this with the banking team and my local support team so that they are across this.


I, myself have never come across these issues before so again thank you for bringing our attention to this.


For the future, any time you have some good feedback to share with us I would encourage you to use the Feedback portal within QuickBooks itself.


Go to Settings > Feedback.


This is a portal that leads directly to the Product team who receive all the feedback and then action accordingly.


This is the best way to make your voice heard as a customer to better our platform. The more pieces of feedback on a specific topic there is, the better the chances of these fixes or enhancements being implemented become.



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QBO bank feeds are innaccurate and incorrect

The problem is they don't come back to you.  I also have issues with the bank feed.  Just migrated to QB and can't move forward without getting it right.  Not the first time already that no-one knows and no-one cares.  I even gave feedback .... ignored.  I thought QB was a good program? It was on Desktop for years and years.  Is there an "escalated issue" contact for QB help?


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QBO bank feeds are innaccurate and incorrect

Thanks for joining in the thread, 9130 3518 9068 7626!


I understand you're having fundamental issues with your bank transactions in QuickBooks Online. This is not what we are expecting our customers to encounter. When you connect a bank account in QuickBooks the amount of data and how they’re classified depends entirely on the bank. 


If you've found out there's incorrect information on the downloaded bank feeds, we'd recommend checking your bank statement and comparing the information. 


In the meantime, you'll want to exclude the incorrect downloaded transaction to not add it in QuickBooks Online.


Furthermore, we'd also recommend contacting directly our Customer Care Team as they can check your bank account connection and reach out to our banking engineers to help rectify the situation.


Here's how to contact support:


  1. Click on the Help icon, and click Contact Us.
  2. Enter a summary of your issue, click Let's talk.
  3. Click on Call Us or Chat Us.


You can check out this link to learn more on how to Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to comment below if you still need help with QuickBooks Online. I'll be here to help you. Enjoy the rest of the day!