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Setting up Tax Rates for invoices and quotes



I am hoping someone can help me. New to Quickbooks, and I need to set up GST tax rate so it is allowed for on my invoices. All of the tutorials get you to click on 'Taxes' in the menu on the left. I do not have this option. Other questions/answers suggest to change the company type in 'YOUR COMPANY' - 'Accounts and Settings' to make the Taxes tab appear.


It does not matter what company type I select, I cannot get a 'Taxes' Tab to appear.


Has anyone else had this issue and can they advise me?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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QuickBooks Team

Setting up Tax Rates for invoices and quotes

I'm here to help you set up tax rates, Sean85.


In the QuickBooks Online Australia version, we can add the tax rates to your invoices and quotes by turning the feature in the GST menu. I'll gladly walk you through the steps:


  1. Go to the GST and select Get started.
  2. In the GST section, select the Accounting method and BAS lodgement frequency (monthlyquarterlyannually) that applies to your business.
    1. If you report Pay-as-you-go Withholding, click the PAYG Withholding box, then select your reporting frequency (monthly, quarterly).
  3. If your business is obligated to report PAYG Instalments, select the PAYG Instalments box, then choose your reporting method (instalment amount or instalment rate method) and reporting frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually).
  4. If you report any of the following taxes, select Other taxes and tick the ones that apply to your business:
    • Fringe Benefits Tax
    • Fuel Tax Credits
    • Wine Equalisation Tax
    • Luxury Car Tax
  5. Select Save and finish.
  6. After that, you have the option to connect to ATO.
  7. Finish the setup to start adding GST rates to your sales transactions. For visual reference, I've added a screenshot below.


For more details about setting ug GST rates, please see these articles: 



Additionally, I've added these articles that'll help you learn more about using and managing the GST feature in QuickBooks Online:



Please keep us posted if you need additional assistance tracking and managing your sales transactions in QuickBooks. We want to ensure your books are accurate.

Level 1

Setting up Tax Rates for invoices and quotes

Thank you for the quick response.