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Batch bill pay for supplier invoices



I've set up the batch payment of supplier bills, which produces an ABA file.


But it seems the functionality is useless.  The ABA file only includes the "STATEMET TEXT" set up per supplier instead of the Ref No. (which is usually the Inv number).  Given that we pay many invoices to each supplier each week, it's useless to have a static text in each payment in the ABA file.  


How can we ensure the ABA file Description uses the Ref No. in the batch in the QBO Pay Bills interface?  Because if it doesn't and we have to amend each payment once the ABA file has been imported, then there is no value whatsoever in the batch payment created in QBO!

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Batch bill pay for supplier invoices

I have the same issue. There is no functionality from what I know. It is one of the biggest pain point for me while using QuickBooks.

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Batch bill pay for supplier invoices

Come on QBO peeps - this is most definitely a bug and needs to be fixed ASAP. The data is clearly there in your payment batch table in the UI, so it's just a code fix to make it populate the ABA file generated.

Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

Batch bill pay for supplier invoices

Hi alect, 


I'm sorry to hear currently this feature is not complete and you are finding frustrations with your experience. We are always looking to improve this feature and make sure that in the near future your needs are met to improve your workflow within QuickBooks.


Whilst I have passed on your words directly to our product engineers, I would encourage you to share this with us also via the steps below:


  1. Select the Gear icon at the top, then Feedback.
  2. Enter your comments or product suggestions then select Next.
  3. You'll be provided a list of suggested Help articles related to your comment. You can read through them or select Skip and send message.
  4. From the drop-down, choose the appropriate category, then select Send message.