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Batch Bill Payment remittance to be sent on date of batch payment.

QBO Please please add the ability to either schedule when Batch Bill Payment remittance is sent or for it to be sent on the date of the payment.


Today I created a batch bill payment to a supplier (incl multiple bills) for a future date (ie when the bills are due).  I have downloaded the ABA file to import into online banking to actually make the payments.


But given the payment will include multiple bills, the supplier needs to know to which bills/invoices to allocate the payment.  So I need to send remittance advice (generated by QBO on the batch payment).


But if I send the remittance today and the supplier receives the payment in 14 days (terms) it's likely they would have lost the remittance and then will query what the payment is to be allocated to.


I have been told by support that I should send the remittance on the date of the payment by clocking "Send Remittance" on that date - which involves me remembers the date on which each payment is being made, going into QBO, finding the batch payment and then "sending remittance" - complete waste of time and likely to result in me missing some.


Why can't the remittance sending either be automatically sent on the date of the batch payment (which is specified on the batch payment itself) or at least allow me to schedule the date on which remittance for the batch payment is to be sent (rather than just now)?

QuickBooks Team

Batch Bill Payment remittance to be sent on date of batch payment.

Thanks for sharing your input regarding the batch bill payment remittance, @alect.


I understand how beneficial the option is for you. Being able to schedule the date on which the remittance for the batch payment to be sent would save time so you won't have to go through each payment to send them. Rest assured that I'll also relay this message to our team in concern here on my end and add your vote for this one.


While we continue to make your experience with us even better, I recommend visiting our QuickBooks Online Blog to get the recent news, information about the latest features, and updates.


If you have any other questions, just let me know and I'll be happy to help. Thanks again for reaching us and have an awesome Monday!

Level 3

Batch Bill Payment remittance to be sent on date of batch payment.

Today both I and one of our supplier wasted 2 hrs each of our time trying to reconcile bill payments and bills due.  I quote from the supplier "it's very confusing when the remittance is sent way before it is paid...".  Which bright light at QBO decided that remittances need to be sent when bill payment is created?  If the bill payment has a payment date why isn't the remittance sent on the bill payment date?  Please Please rectify this as it is an actual pain point and is causing a ridiculous waste of everyone's time.