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Transfer data between quickbooks online accounts

Hi new user to Quickbooks online. 


Key question: Is there a guide for transferring data from one QBO account (from a bookkeeper/ accountant) to a my personal QBO account for the same business? 




Helping my family run a small-medium business with 30-80 employees. Used a book-keeper to run payroll online including (STP, process fortnightly payroll, quarterly superannuation payment, figures for BAS lodgement, payroll tax). Could not justify cost for this service we were being charged by book-keeper. I know bookkeeper was using QBO and now I have subscribed to QBO PLUS with the aim of taking over above roles but would like data (mainly pertaining to employee details & payroll) transferred to my QBO account so I can start doing payruns etc. 

Any advice is welcome. 

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Transfer data between quickbooks online accounts

Hello SLF1!

I love hearing stories about helping a family business. You quite have a big number of employees despite of being a small business.

Please know that we partnered with KeyPay for our payroll service in QuickBooks Online Australia. You’ll need to have payroll subscription first before you can import your data. Just go to Employees and click on Sign-up with KeyPay and follow the on-screen instructions. Creating an account is free.

While you do the setup, you can ask your bookkeeper to export the employee names to a CSV file or Excel files. Then, import them to your KeyPay in QBO. Just click on Payroll Settings on the main payroll page, then click on Import Employees.

With regards to the historical payroll data of each employee, I would recommend contacting our Support. That way, you’ll be guided in adding them to your payroll.

  1. Click on Help and choose Contact us.
  2. In the description box, type in transferring payroll data from one account to another and click Let's talk.
  3. Choose from Chat or Get a callback.

By the way, you can share this article with your bookkeeper: How to export data from QuickBooks Payroll.


These articles are for your reference in the future:

You can always go back to this thread if you have additional questions.

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Transfer data between quickbooks online accounts

Hi JessT

Your post was very informative. How about transferring all the data instead of just payroll?

We want to transfer all the data across to the new subscription from the accountant. Is this possible?

The accountant subscribed Quickbooks for us and we can see she may not allow access after telling her we are not using her anymore. 


Thanks in advance for your help.





Transfer data between quickbooks online accounts

Hi @Aly123456,


Welcome to the Community. I can provide some clarification about migrating data to a different QuickBooks subscription.


A direct way to transfer data between QuickBooks Online accounts is unavailable. You can use the import and export data feature to move them to the new subscription.


These options are visible when you click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner (see screenshot below). Also, please note that there are specific types of data you can import into the system.



Alternatively, I suggest checking for third-party apps integrated with QuickBooks. Try to check if there's an app that offers migration services in the Intuit Apps store.


Here's how:


  1. Go to:
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the search bar.
  3. Select AU.
  4. Search for apps.


For more information, as well as how to make sure your data imports correctly in QuickBooks, I recommend the following article: Common questions about importing data to QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to hit that Reply button if you have additional questions about transferring data. Have a great day ahead.

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Transfer data between quickbooks online accounts


If you are still able to access as Company Admin, you may open a new blank QBO account.


then you may have 2 options:

1. Utilize a migration tool


2. Purchase a 3rd party migration service.

Contact us in private for details.