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Trying to reset my bank info and am stuck in Australia?? I am in the USA - how do I change

My debit card expired and I got a notification to update - but can't as it is stuck in Austrailia - I am in USA
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Trying to reset my bank info and am stuck in Australia?? I am in the USA - how do I change

Hi there, mydogmaya!


To resolve the issue with your expired debit card account, you'll want to disconnect it from QuickBooks and establish a new connection. This step will ensure a seamless and updated integration. I'll help you through the process.


If you are banking in the USA now, you can reconnect your account by searching for the appropriate bank link or connection. However, before doing so, you'll want to create a new bank account in your Chart of Accounts, where you map the connection. Make sure it's set in USD if you're using the Multicurrency feature. 


To disconnect your expired bank account in QuickBooks, follow these steps:


  1.  Go to Transactions and then select Bank transactions.
  2. Choose the tile for the bank account you want to disconnect.
  3. Click on the pencil icon (✎) and select Edit account info.
  4. Check the Disconnect this account on save box. Note: If QuickBooks is currently downloading new transactions, you may not see this option. In that case, wait a few minutes for the update to finish and try again.
  5. Select Save and Close to complete the process.


Feel free to reach out if you have any further concerns or questions regarding your expired bank connection and its replacement. I'm here to assist you and provide continued support.