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Earnings line showing $0 in pay run

Hi.  Issue is that in a pay run the earnings line ---Casual Public Holiday shows a $0 rate for just one employee.


The ---Casual Public Holiday rate shows in the employee's record as $33.50. So why is it showing as $0 in the pay run?


All other employees have an amount for this pay category (showing that the category has been set up correctly).


This employee's other pay categories all have the correct amounts, just not the public holiday category.  



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Earnings line showing $0 in pay run

Hello nortsandcrosses,


It's a good start that you were able to check the other pay categories of the employee. Another area to check is if the employee is using a pay rate template.


  1. Click on the Employees tab.
  2. Click on the employee's name affected.
  3. Click on Pay Run Defaults.
  4. Under Pay Rate Template, verify what is selected.

I'd recommend checking also the employee's Pay rate to verify if a figure is set for the category showing 0.


If the employee is using a pay rate template, please check the Payroll Settings and click on Pay Rate Templates and then select the template used. From here you can check if the casual public holiday has a rate or not.


You can also delete and recreate the pay run if you have not finalized them to refresh the payroll account.


Furthermore, I'd recommend contacting our Customer Care Team if you've checked the above and are still unable to locate where the issue is coming from. That way one of our support can check your account in a secure form.


Also, you might want to check this article to learn more about public holidays Record Public Holiday Pay in QuickBooks Payroll.


Feel free to comment below if you need more help. The Community is here to help you. Have a nice day!

Level 2

Earnings line showing $0 in pay run

Hi.  Thanks for the reply.  No pay rate template.  I'll contact support as this is the only employee it is happening on.