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Bank Error 103

I have completed all of the steps to fix this error in the Quickbooks Online help article ( and all of my details with my bank are correct and I am STILL getting this error code. I have not changed any details, I have reset my password with my bank multiple times, I have updated with Quickbooks bank login multiple times and it will just not connect. I keep getting error 103. This is the bank I have ALWAYS used with Quickbooks so it's not a new connection either. Very frustrating right before tax time when everything needs to be updated and correct!

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Level 11

Bank Error 103

Try opening your QBO account on any private/incognito browser.

Level 8

Bank Error 103

Hi mythrilfoundry,


I understand you're having fundamental issues with your online banking connection in QuickBooks Online. Error 103 is commonly an error with your User ID or password for your bank account. Or there could be additional security requirements that you needed to address like one-time passcode or token code in your online banking.


Kindly log in to your online banking website and check if your bank has a message or update that needs your attention. 


Once done, let's go back to the Bank transactions tab and do another bank sign-in info in QuickBooks.


  1. Click on the Transactions tab and click Bank transactions.
  2. Click on the bank account.
  3. Click on Edit and choose Edit sign in info.
  4. Manually enter your bank's User ID and password.
  5. Click on Save and connect.

Then, check if the error has been removed and new transactions has been downloaded.


In the meantime, you can manually upload your bank transactions using CSV file while waiting for a resolution. 


If the issue persists, I recommend contacting our Customer Care Team through Chat or Phone. That way, they can further check your account in a secure form.


Post again in the Community if you have further concerns. I am around to help you.