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iif File Format for GST Transactions

How can an iif file be formed to auto-calculated Tax Amt? The following iif file does not calculate Tax Amt and Tax Total:

INVITEM,Sales Item,1,,SERV,Income Account,,Y,GST,,,,,,,,
ACCNT,Income Account,,INC,AUTOSTAX,GST,,,,,,,,,,,
TRNS,98,CASH SALE,7/27/06,Savings,,,210,100,Y,,,,AUTOSTAX,,,
SPL,99,CASH SALE,7/27/06,Income Account,, Class Name,-100,,-10,10,Sale,N,,,,
SPL,100,CASH SALE,7/27/06,Income Account,, Class Name,-110,,-10,10,Sales Item,Y,AUTOSTAX,GST,,-10

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iif File Format for GST Transactions

Hello swck,


Thanks for posting in the Community!


Are you trying to import IIF data to QuickBooks Online Australia account? If so, please know you can only import data from CSV file format to QuickBooks Online. You can also check with our MMC convert team our data migration partner to help you migrate data to QuickBooks Online. 


Here's some info about the different formats:


  • CSV file: A common file format used for text files that contain tabular data. In CSV files, each field of text is separated by a comma, semicolon, or other special character.
  • XLS/XLSX file: XLS is the file format of Microsoft Excel 1997-2003. Microsoft Excel 2007 and newer use the XLSX file format.
  • Google Sheets: A cloud-based spreadsheet created in Google Drive.

And to contact the MMC Convert team, you can use this link: Frequently asked questions about bringing your data to QuickBooks Online.


Post again in the Community if you have further concerns about QuickBooks Online. 

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iif File Format for GST Transactions


The following steps allows an IIF file to be opened in Excel.
Save the IIF file locally
Open Microsoft Excel and in Excel, select FILE > OPEN
In the drop down for file type, change to ALL FILES (*.*)
Browse and select the IIF file
When the Text Import Wizard appears, select DELIMITED and NEXT
Select TAB as the DELIMITER
Select FILE > SAVE AS and change the SAVE AS type to an Excel workbook

Then use an importer tool to proceed