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ABA Bank File

Hi just new to QB, When I processed my ABA Bank File for wages I noticed it was posting full wages (Gross) rather than Net pays. How do I change this so that payroll payments are correct in the ABA file?


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Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

ABA Bank File

Hi contact111,


To check that the correct net earnings are exported via ABA file it would be best to check within the Pay Schedules setup first by the following steps:


  1. Select the Employees tab
  2. Select Payroll Settings, then under the Pay Run Settings column select Pay Schedules
  3. Select the Pay Schedule associated with the pay run you are creating an ABA file for. 
  4. Make sure you have ticked 'Pay PAYG via payment file to nominated bank account'
  5. Then hit Save.


Please then go back to the Payrun and Download Payment File. If you find it is still not giving you the net earnings please let us know or alternatively you can always contact our friendly support team by clicking here