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Can't activate direct deposit for payroll!



I've just activated my payroll and entered all the necessary information but I can't activate direct deposit to pay my employees. Every time I go to activate direct deposit it retrieves new payroll updates and tell me you've retrieved the latest update. And every time I try open payroll set up it wants me to download new updates and then nothing happens. So I can't access payroll set up either. What's going on??



Kathy Stepanian

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Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

Can't activate direct deposit for payroll!

Hi StepanianK, 


I just wanted to double check what you are trying to set up. Currently with QuickBooks Online Australia there is not an option to do direct deposits to employee's bank accounts via the payroll system. 

Instead, you can download an ABA File of the payroll data and then submit this to your bank to pay your employees in bulk, which you can see more information by clicking here. Are you talking about issues with your QuickBooks USA file?


If you are trying to set this up on a QuickBooks Online USA file and encountering issues with running payroll please click here for contact to their support team.