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QuickBooks Team

Hello, @arahedwardsdesi.


I'm glad to guide you today so you'll be able to delete the BAS as lodged. 


At this time, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team to assist you further with deleting BAS Market as lodged. They have the means to unlodge/undo a lodged BAS in QuickBooks Online.


To contact support:


  1. Go to this link:
  2. Select QuickBooks Online.
  3. Go to the What can we help you with? section and type in a short description of your concern under the Tell us more about your question: field.
  4. Tap on Search.
  5. Select a way to connect with support under Here's how to connect with a QuickBooks expert about " ...".

Or, follow the steps provided in this article.


Get back to me there's anything you need assistance with. I'm a post away to help. Have a good day!