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James B - Payroll Champion
Content Creator

How do I exclude super from a batch that I have already paid?

How do I exclude super from a batch that I have already paid?

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James - Payroll Champion
Level 2

How do I exclude super from a batch that I have already paid?

Sometimes super payments are recorded correctly but paid outside of the system. If not done within the system via a super batch the system will not recognise this as having been paid. You will need to exclude them from your batches:


  1. Navigate to employees
  2. Navigate to Reports (Next to Payroll Settings)
  3. Select Super Payments (Toward the bottom of the first column from the left)
  4. Click +Create New Super Batch Payment
  5. select desired date range
  6. Select the contribution type (e.g. a common occurrence in this scenario would be salary sacrifice)
  7. hover over the employee
  8. select the red circle containing a red X exclude from batch, this will exclude all the chosen contributions you have filtered for that employee.
  9. Select Create Batch
  10. Confirm you are happy with the batch and submit.

Please Note, You cannot select individual payments to exclude only employees so you may need to create separate batches and filter the dates and contribution types.


For example: If you have employee A who salary sacrifices $100 from his wages. You pay this directly to his bank account on pay days due to an arrangement you have with the employee. You would need to filter your super batch for super guarantee instead of All as you normally don't wish to pay the salary sacrifice twice. (This would exclude all salary sacrifice from your batch.)

 However you have a second employee B that has salary sacrifice that you don't pay outside of the system and want to submit via a batch. You should then filter for Salary Sacrifice contributions which will exclude super guarantee. You can then exclude Employee A from this second batch.