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Re: How do I make a complaint about Quickbooks support?



I need help regarding my STP lodgement and have spent hours and hours over the phone with Quickbooks but hasn't been able to resolve this. Since last 2 days I have called Quickbooks numerous times and the only reply I have received is that the rep who raised the case will call you back however, I haven't received a call back at all. Because I can't lodge our business STP, my employees can't lodge their tax returns and it's delaying their refunds. My case ID is [removed]. If I don't hear back from Quickbooks after this complaint, I am moving out my business to Xero.




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Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

Re: How do I make a complaint about Quickbooks support?

Hi Addy1,


Glad you got in touch and I apologies this experience has been frustrating to your business. I would like to escalate this further for you and ensure you get the right attention your case needs. Unfortunately we cannot take any private details over our community page, is it possible you could send a private message to us on Facebook with the Company ID for the business that is experiencing this and your email address you sign in with? This way we can track down the file and check through your case to make sure your issue has been looked at thoroughly. You can click here to get access to our Facebook Community page. 


Hope to hear from you soon, 



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Re: How do I make a complaint about Quickbooks support?

run into a major issue with the company, which I am unable to resolve for over 28 days now. 


I have invoiced two of my clients for the services I provided using Quickbooks. Total amount of payment was $10,150 on August 31st and September 1st.


I am unable to receive the money from Quickbooks to my business checking account. The services were already provided to my clients. 


There was an issue with two merchant IDs: My clients were invoiced and charged by Quickbooks using one merchant ID. Quickbooks allowed me to invoice the patients using this merchant ID number although there was no bank information linked to it at that time. 


When I attempted to move the money to my bank account I was unable to do so. Subsequently another merchant ID was created by Quickbooks staff member with my business bank account linked to it (ID.


Two merchant ID's were then `merged" after calling Quickbooks support line multiple times (this is what I was told). 


After over 8 hrs of being on the phone with your representatives and multiple promises to get a phone call from the manager, I found out that the first merchant ID was closed.


I received an email today stating that the money will be released back to my clients within 48 hrs if I do not confirm the bank account for an old merchant ID, which was already closed by Quickbooks. 


I am still unable to receive my payments for services I already provided. Quickbooks is holding my funds without any hope for resolution of this problem. 


There is no way for me to collect the payments again from my clients since the services were already provided and the clients moved on to live their lives. 


It was a nightmare for me to deal with quickbooks customer service without getting any help.