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4G Expo
Level 2




We have a number of casual employees, and as such, not all of them will work each fortnight, so have no earnings in the payroll.


However, unless we remove them from the payroll, they are still receiving a payslip with 0 hours on it.


I would like to automate the payroll, however this issue is stopping that, as I have to go into everyone that didn't work during that pay period, and remove them.  This takes a fair amount of time, as I have to be careful to not accidentally remove someone that should be paid.


Any suggestions how to stop employees receiving payslips with 0 hours & earnings on them?

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Rebecca_A Product Champion
QuickBooks Team


Hi 4G Expo, 


Thanks for reaching out. If the preference is to automate your pay runs I can suggest setting up Employee Portal Access rather than sending Pay Slips as this will allow for the employees who have worked to check their own. 


Otherwise whomever is included in the pay run will automatically have a pay slip created. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions. 




4G Expo
Level 2


Thanks Rebecca,


All employees have portal access as part of the on-boarding procedure.


Is there a way to not send a notification to them that a new payslip is available?  That way, those that have worked during the pay period, can get their payslip if they want to.




Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team


Hi 4G Expo, 


Unfortunately not, just to reiterate what Rebecca was saying, without removing the employee completely from the Pay Run, they will receive a notification that a payslip is available as they are included in that pay period regardless of hours worked.