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GPS tracking turned off for Android and iPhone

I have 8 employees and have used TSheets/Quickbooks Time for 7 years. The GPS has stopped working suddenly on everyone's devices. I was on the phone to Quickbooks Time support and it took them three hours to tell me that it was a GPS issue in our location and they had no idea why it wasn't tracking and could not understand what the app even tracked... I had to explain what the dots and blue line meant. 


I used another GPS tracking app and it works perfectly so no GPS issues locally.


I have done the recommended troubleshooting. Is anyone else having the same problem since the last app update? 

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GPS tracking turned off for Android and iPhone

Good morning, @katebaileyag. I'm happy you came here with this issue and I appreciate you going through the necessary troubleshooting. 


The next best thing to do would be to have your employees send in mobile logs directly from their QuickBooks Time app. Here's how to do that:

  1. While logged into the App touch More.
  2. Then go to Settings and select Help & Support.
  3. Lastly, Send in device logs.

They can leave a short description of what they're experiencing and the troubleshooting they've already done. It's very important that these logs come from the affected phones. When it's sent in, it contains information specific to the device and app that helps our team troubleshoot more in-depth. 


After those are sent in, please contact support and let them know you've sent in mobile logs and need them to be reviewed. Those logs will be in your account on our end, so they are easy to find for the agent. 


I understand you have already reached out to Support, but these logs will definitely help this issue along. I appreciate your patience and I'm always here if you have any more questions or need to provide an update.