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Time entry (Time activities)



I only use the time entry screen to record timesheets to invoice to my client. I used to be able to add comments to each day, but as of July the screen layout changed to a weekly view (which is better) but I can't enter daily comments. How can I do that?

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QuickBooks Team

Time entry (Time activities)

Hello there, @Ismaeliano. I'm here to clarify why you see a different time entry layout.


I know how convenient it is for you to see your client's time record according to your preferences. Please know that our developers are constantly working to improve QBO for our users.


Moreover, I recommend you convey the feedback to our product engineers so they can consider returning the previous layout you had with your time entry screen. By doing this, we can understand the features that business owners need to use the product easily. This is how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Select Feedback.
  3. Enter a brief description of your product suggestion.
  4. Click Next to submit feedback.


Your recommendation will be sent straight to our developers, who will take it into account when developing future QuickBooks features.


You can also use this link to offer your suggestion: Customer Feedback for QuickBooks Online.

As a workaround, I suggest utilizing the description field to provide your daily comments. 


See this screenshot below for your visual reference.


For more details about entering single and weekly time-sheets in QBO, you may check out these links below:

You can always reach us for more concerns and clarification on  how you can manage your time records in QuickBooks. 

Level 1

Time entry (Time activities)

Thanks - I submitted the feedback. I now also realise that a single time entry is still there, which I can use in the interim. Much appreciated.