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annual leave accrual & personal leave accrual over job keeper period

Hi all


I have taking over looking after a small business that could not work during covid lockdown but were paid job keeper and noticed that the annual leave and personal leave did not accrual over the job keeper period.


Is their a report I can create that brings up all the pays for each employee that shows job keeper and annual leave accrual so I can manually check it and work out what needs to be accrued for all those employees.


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Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

annual leave accrual & personal leave accrual over job keeper period

Hi Marissa3, 



The JOBKEEPER-TOPUP within our system is designed on ATO standards not to accrue leave. As it is a replacement for hours not worked on an employees normal hours, it does not link to any leave category when used like a ordinary hours category would. 


That being said if you wish to still amend these accruals, you can first go to your Leave Categories section to establish what Standard Allowance you need to use to calculate for each category against the employee's ordinary hours. You can get there by going:


  1. When signed into the Employee section, select Payroll Settings.
  2. Under Pay Run Settings, select Leave Categories. 
  3. Then by selecting each category you can check what the Standard Allowance is based on hours per hour worked. 


Good reports to use to establish how many hours they have worked in total between any given pay period is the Detailed Activity Report and the Pay Categories Report. 


  • The first report gives a summary of total hours worked, gross earnings and taxable earnings with any customisable date range you would like. 
  • The second report, would allow for you to pin point, by customising to JOBKEEPER-TOPUP, to give you the break down of units (hours) paid to this pay category, and it's total earnings. 


A combination of both would help you calculate the hours and then apply them to the Standard Allowance that the Leave Categories entitles the employees too.


Once you have calculated the hours, within any pay run you can then do a Leave Adjustment if you wish, and this will add the hours you have calculated to the employee's overall. For steps on how to then add those hours to the employee through this adjustment you can find a guide by clicking here.





Level 3

annual leave accrual & personal leave accrual over job keeper period

Hi Steven


Thankyou for your reply.

Under fair works all employees receiving job keeper must also accrual annual and personal leave on their normal hours they would work.


Maybe other companies applied annual leave manually for each pay.

I’m hoping by utilising the reports that you advised I can fix this quicker.


Thanks again for your reply very formative greatly appreciated.