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Hi, Why my accountant tool is disappeared after I click the button?

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QuickBooks Team

Hi, Why my accountant tool is disappeared after I click the button?

Hi there, accounts1-ipspac.


Thank you for dropping by in the QuickBooks Community. I'll ensure to share troubleshooting steps so you're able to use the Accountant tool.


First, you'll have to go to the client's "Manage User" and make sure that you're being added as an Accountant and not in both admin user and accountant. To do this, you'll have to go to the Gear icon.


Here's how:


  1. Choose Manage users.
  2. Select either the Users or Accounting firms section.
  3. Locate your name. Then, make sure you're only added as an Accountant.


For additional details, you can click this article: Add and manage users in QuickBooks Online.


If the issue continues to occur, it could be the cache full of history and temp files caused unexpected behaviors. That said, I recommend logging in to your QuickBooks account using a private browser. This is to rule out the possibility of a webpage issue, and private browsing doesn't store local files or cache. 


Use these keyboard shortcuts based on the browser you're using.


  • For Firefox or Microsoft Edge, press Ctrl + Shift + P.
  • For Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + N.
  • For Safari, hold down Command + Shift + N.


If it works in incognito, I recommend clearing the cache of your regular browser. This removes the history or log of sites so you can start with a clean slate. You can check this article to see the steps: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks Online.


If the steps above didn't work, use another supported browser as alternatives.


If the problem persists, I reccomend contacting our QuickBooks Support Team. They have the tools to pull up your account to investigate the cause of why Accountant tools disappeared after clicking the button.


Please refer to this article to see steps on how you can add and edit user info for your accounting firm: Add and manage your accounting team in QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Let me know if you have other questions about utilizing the accountant tools on your end. I'm always here to help.

Level 1

Hi, Why my accountant tool is disappeared after I click the button?

Hi Christie,


I have tried all the steps including clear the cache and another browser, the button is still disappear after I click the accountant tools.


Hi, Why my accountant tool is disappeared after I click the button?

Thank you for getting back to us and performing the steps provided by my colleague in resolving this error, @accounts1-ipspac.


To continue isolating the error you're having, I suggest reaching out to our Customer Support team. Their tools can check your account in a secure environment and help you in resolving it. 


You can reach our Customer Support for QuickBooks Online (QBO) by going to the Help icon at the top right of the account. Follow the steps below: 


  1. Go to the Help icon to connect to a live support agent. 
  2. Provide us with some information about your concern.
  3. Select the Contact Us button and provide some details about this concern, then on the Let's talk button. 
  4. You'll now be provided options on how to connect to our Customer Support.


Here's the contact the QuickBooks Online Customer Support team article for more information. 


Check the following article to know more about the tools for accountant users: Use accountant tools and features in QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Let me know if there's anything that I can further assist you with your account. I'm always here to answer them for you. Have a wonderful day!