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Reports included in your QuickBooks Online subscription

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

Learn which reports are available for your version of QuickBooks Online.

Financial reports give you snapshots of different areas of your business. Most reports are available for all QuickBooks Online users. Some, however, are only available for certain subscription levels. Here's what's available for Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus users.

Business Overview
Audit LogXXX
Balance Sheet ComparisonXXX
Balance Sheet DetailXXX
Balance Sheet SummaryXX
Balance SheetXXX
Business SnapshotXX
IRAS Audit FileXX
Profit and Loss as % of total incomeX
Profit and Loss ComparisonX
Profit and Loss DetailX
Profit and Loss year-to-date comparisonX
Profit and Loss by CustomerXXX
Profit and Loss by MonthXXX
Profit and Loss by Tag GroupXXX
Profit and LossXXX
Quarterly Profit and Loss SummaryXXX
Statement of Cash FlowsXXX
Statement of Changes in EquityXXX
Who owes you
Accounts receivable ageing detailXX
Accounts receivable ageing summaryXXX
Collections ReportXXX
Customer Balance DetailXX
Customer Balance SummaryXXX
Invoice ListXXX
Invoices and Received PaymentsXXX
Open InvoicesXXX
Statement ListXXX
Terms ListXX
Uninvoiced chargesXX
Uninvoiced timeXX
Sales and customers
Customer Contact ListXXX
Deposit DetailXXX
Estimates by CustomerXXX
Income by Customer SummaryXX
Inventory Valuation DetailXX
Inventory Valuation SummaryXX
Payment Method ListXX
Product/Service ListXXX
Sales ListXX
Sales by Customer DetailXX
Sales by Customer SummaryXX
Sales by Customer Type DetailXX
Sales by Product/Service DetailXX
Sales by Product/Service SummaryXXX
Stock Take WorksheetXXX
Time Activities by Customer DetailX
Transaction List by CustomerXX
Transaction List by Tag GroupXX
What you owe
Accounts payable ageing detailXX
Accounts payable ageing summaryXX
Bill Payment ListXX
Bills and Applied PaymentsXX
Supplier Balance DetailXX
Supplier Balance SummaryXX
Unpaid BillsXX
Expenses and suppliers
Check DetailXXX
Expenses by Supplier SummaryXX
Purchase ListX
Purchases by Product/Service DetailX
Purchases by Supplier DetailX
Supplier Contact ListXXX
Transaction List by SupplierXXX
Employee Contact ListXXX
Recent/Edited Time ActivitiesXX
Time Activities by Employee DetailXX
For my accountant
Account ListXXX
Balance SheetXXX
Balance Sheet ComparisonXXX
General LedgerXXX
General Ledger ListXXX
Profit and Loss ComparisonXXX
Profit and Loss by Tag GroupX
Profit and LossXXX
Recent TransactionsXXX
Reconciliation ReportsXXX
Recurring Template ListXX
Statement of Cash flowsXXX
Transaction Detail by AccountXX
Transaction List by DateXXX
Transaction List with SplitsXX
Trial BalanceXXX
Employee Contact ListXXX
Recent/Edited Time ActivitiesXXX
Time Activities by Employee DetailXXX
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