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Supplier with credit term

How do I credit the amount from supplier invoice to an AP GL.

When I create an expense transaction I do not have the option to do that.

I must select the payment from cash and cash equivalent or current asset.



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QuickBooks Team

Supplier with credit term

I'd be happy to help you with how you can record the supplier's invoice in QuickBooks Online, @JH83.


You can create a Bill transaction to credit the amount you've owed from your supplier to the Accounts Payable. I can show you some steps on how to do that.


  1. In your QuickBooks Online, select + New menu and choose Bill.
  2. Enter the details of the invoice you've received from your supplier.
  3. Select Save and close.


Once done, check the Trade and Other Payables A/P Account History in the Chart of Accounts. It will now show that the bill has been credited to the default Accounts Payable account. If you're going to settle the Bill, you can create a Pay Bills transaction to zero out the amount you've owed from your supplier. I've added a sample screenshot for your additional reference:



However, if you're doing a Journal Entry transaction, you can skip recording it to the Accounts Payable if it's been paid. I'd recommend speaking with your accountant if this is the scenario. 


You're always welcome to tag my name in the comment section if you have other questions or concerns. It would be my pleasure to assist you further. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!