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Duplicate Quote Numbers

Good day 


I have noticed that there is duplication of quote numbers. Why is this happening? Please help. 



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Duplicate Quote Numbers

Hi msperformance01,


QuickBooks Online (QBO) South Africa automatically assigns and sequences numbers to your invoices and quotes separately. Whenever an invoice is created from the quote, then it will populate a number in sequence.


You might want to check out this article to know more about changing the invoice number on sales forms.


Let me share this link in case you want to personalise your form designs in QBO: Customise your invoices, quotes and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


Keep us posted if you have further questions. We'll be around.

Level 2

Duplicate Quote Numbers

I opened the attachment. I see that reference numbers are for Quotation, Payment, Invoice... So, for example, you made the Quote number 1007, then there was an Invoice for that Quote named 1007, then there was a payment for the reference 1007... It looks fine to me.