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Stay stocked for success

Manage your inventory in real-time, so you always know what's coming in and what’s going out.

See what's in stock and what's on order.


View your quantities on hand

As stock comes in and out, QuickBooks stock inventory management software auto-updates your inventory. This makes it easy to see what’s selling and what to reorder.

View your quantities on hand


Track stock value in real-time

As the value of your stock changes, so does your balance sheet. Prices will adjust automatically as you go about your day.

Track stock value in real-time


Stay on top of orders

Keep track of what you have ordered from each vendor. Organise vendor contact info in one place to make reordering easy.

Stay on top of orders


Low stock alerts

Stay ahead of backorders. We'll alert you when it's time to restock your inventory.

Low stock alerts

Keep your inventory in order

Organise your products

Organise your products with images, categories, and prices.

Auto-calculate the cost

Auto-calculate the cost of each product sold using first-in, first-out (FIFO).

Run reports of bestselling items

Run reports of bestselling items, total sales and total taxes.

Sync with your online sales platform


Create a master inventory list and sync products across channels.


Sell online and sync sales and customer data with QuickBooks.


Import all your Shopify orders and manage refunds in one click.

There’s a QuickBooks for every business

Simple Start

R 229
R 115.00 /mo

50% off for 6 months

  • Track sales, expenses and profits
  • Create & send unlimited invoices
  • Track and manage your sales tax
  • Works on PC, Mac, and mobile
  • For one user, plus your accountant   


R 351
R 176.00 /mo

50% off for 6 months

All Simple start features +

  • Manage and pay bills
  • Transact in multiple currencies
  • Generate sales quotes
  • For three users, plus your accountant


R 473
R 237.00 /mo

50% off for 6 months

All Essentials features +

  • Track inventory
  • Create purchase orders
  • Track project or job profitability
  • For five users, plus your accountant

See how QuickBooks Online can work for your business


Can I import inventory data into my QuickBooks account?

QuickBooks makes it easy to bring your old data with you. You can import lists of products, customers, vendors and more from Excel.

Can I connect my existing sales channels and apps?

You can connect to apps such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Square, PayPal, and many other sales tools.

How do I get detailed reporting on my inventory?

You can run reports that track item values, sales, purchases, and more.