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Accounting practice stops marketing and doubles sales

Nadine Chetty, Ecomm Accounting Solutions
Pretoria, ZA

Nadine Chetty


Ecomm Accounting were early adoptors of cloud accounting, unfortunately the solution they initially selected was outdated and their clients were reluctant to use it. The practice decided to move to QuickBooks Online and their clients were instantly impressed. They appreciated the ease of use and powerful insights that are available through dashboards and reports. The practice has also benefited thanks to the impressive productivity savings, staff can now do 50% more work and that has impacted profitability.

Results at a glance

Efficiency improvements

Automating previously manaul tasks has delivered impressive productivity improvements and increased profitability

Time savings

Shaved 90 hours per year from the invoicing function and improved debtor management with automated reminders

Reduced costs

The firm has reduced their marketing spend due to volume of qualified leads they receive from QuickBooks find an advisor service


Over a 12 month period client numbers doubled with minimal headcount increase (only one new staff member needed instead of two)


EComm Accounting Solutions (Ecomm) is an accounting practice in Pretoria South Africa. They have a small team that is dedicated to assisting their clients to maximise business potential. The practice provides clients with accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, training, payroll, invoice processing and business consulting services.

The problem

EComm were early adopters of cloud accounting. They knew the enormous benefits that cloud accounting provided but struggled to get their clients as excited due to the outdated system they were using. The system was developed for accountants and not designed with the business management tools that small business owners crave.

One of the barriers for their clients was that the system used accounting jargon, so it wasn’t intuitive to navigate or easy to find the information they were looking for.

The solution

While attending an industry event, Ecomm founder Johann van der Merwe and co-founder Nadine Chetty were introduced to QuickBooks Online and they were immediately impressed with how user friendly it was.

The graphical reporting and dashboards stood out as powerful tools. “I could see that QuickBooks online was developed for the end user, to help them to manage their business and make informed decisions,” said Ms. Chetty, who also happens to be an accountant.

Changing accounting systems is a big decision for an accounting firm, so Ecomm decided to ask their clients for input.

Image Alt Text
Our clients loved it. I think because QuickBooks Online is so intuitive and easy to navigate, the interface is so modern and it uses language that business owners know and understand

The Benefits

Based on their research and client feedback Ecomm decided to make the switch to QuickBooks Online for their clients and QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) for their practice.

They immediately saw the productivity improvements that QBOA delivered for the practice. The time spent on invoicing was drastically reduced thanks to automated invoice creation and batch sending.

Image Alt Text
Invoicing in QuickBooks is a huge time saver for us, previously we were spending a day a month but now it’s around 30 minutes.

Ecomm appreciate the powerful features that QuickBooks delivers. It has transformed banking for the practice. They can easily search for transactions from the same supplier and batch them. “Machine learning within QuickBooks is really impressive and helps us with efficiency,” said Ms. Chetty, “If I add something today, it will remember it for all future transactions which streamlines allocating.”

Before using QBOA, Nadine and her team used to keep a list of pending tasks on the office whiteboard and on paper to-do lists. Now, they have embraced the QBOA Work tab to easily stay organized and efficient. All tasks for the entire practice are managed in the work function which has transformed their workflow.

“Normally practice management software with these features is very expensive, but it’s free in QBOA, once you pass the certification,” said Ms. Chetty.


While South Africa has been in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic for more than 6 months and many accounting practices have struggled, the team at Ecomm Accounting Solutions has doubled their sales in the past year.

Profits have also increased because the team is able to do so much more thanks to the efficiency savings provided by QBOA. “With QuickBooks Online our staff can handle 50% more work which enables us to onboard new clients more efficiently and profitably,” said Ms. Chetty

Embracing Cloud Accounting meant that Ecomm didn’t lose any time during the COVID pandemic, they were still able to access client data and advise their clients from home. Their clients also had complete access to their financial data which allowed them to plan and closely work with Ecomm to reduce the financial impact on their business.

Image Alt Text
If you have the right systems in place, you can do business anywhere. It’s all about business continuity and QuickBooks has really delivered for our firm in that regard.

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