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VAT Tracking Software

Take control of your VAT with QuickBooks Online

Manage your VAT claims with all your tax information in one place. Avoid nasty surprises and last-minute panics with QuickBooks. Whatever your business size and industry, we’ve got everything you need to process your VAT claims successfully and accurately.
GST VAT Tracking

GST in QuickBooks Online

Why QuickBooks Online?

Small businesses in South Africa, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the UK already rely on QuickBooks to help them track and report Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Value-Added Tax (VAT). QuickBooks one-click tax reports help small businesses in South Africa save hours each month.

Track VAT in seconds

Automatically track and calculate VAT in seconds with QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks is pre-filled with the South African VAT rate of 15%. You can also easily add and edit your own tax rates to suit your business. When you’re ready to submit your VAT claim, QuickBooks prepares an accurate activity statement to assist you with filing to SARS. Every time you create an invoice or expense, QuickBooks will automatically calculate the VAT for you.

No more data entry

It’s time to swap manual data entry for automatic and accurate calculations and record-keeping. Take photos of your business receipts and attach them to transactions. QuickBooks saves your transactions in one convenient location, so you’re always prepared for your VAT claims. Log in to your account anytime, anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Always know how much you owe

Take control of your cash flow and make smarter business decisions. See exactly how much you owe with our real-time dashboard and calculate your VAT-related expenses.

Keep your receipts organised

Take photos of receipts and upload them to transactions - all from the QuickBooks mobile app. No more combing through paper receipts at tax time, QuickBooks keeps all your receipts organised in one convenient place. Finding those receipts for your accountant when you need to file your VAT return has never been easier. 

Stay on top of VAT claims

The QuickBooks interactive Cash Flow planning tool can help you forecast your VAT liabilities, so you’re never caught short of cash flow at tax time. 

Calculate, organise, overcome

Cut down on activity statement-related stress with QuickBooks’ automatic VAT tracking and calculations. Always know how much you owe and when it’s due, so you’re ready to file your VAT claim quickly and easily.

Review, reconcile, rest easy

Use QuickBooks reports to create a VAT summary for your review before you file to SARS. Use our calculator to reconcile your VAT liability. QuickBooks will notify you of any changes to old transactions, and they will carry over to your next summary.

How VAT affects your sales, expenses and purchases


QuickBooks automatically calculates and tracks VAT within your invoices.

Expenses and Purchase Orders
Expenses and Purchase Orders

QuickBooks automatically calculates and tracks VAT within your expenses and purchase orders

One-click Forms
One-click forms

QuickBooks allows you to easily view your VAT payable/receivable amounts in a few clicks to help you prepare for your VAT claim with SARS.

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