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Rafeeq Erasmus
Level 1

SA product vs USA product

My quickbooks accountant online settings is for USA instead of SA. Apparently I had to select SA when I first signed on; I thought there is only 1 product for all countries. Now all the companies that I created have the USA settings. Is there away to change it? Or maybe a different solution to my problem?

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SA product vs USA product

I have a different solution to your concern, @Rafeeq Erasmus


Currently, there isn't a direct way to change your QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) account's region. It's because the country becomes your home region once you've already selected a Product Region when you first signed in to the program. Also, all companies you've created within QBOA will automatically be set up under that nation. That may be the reason they have the USA settings on your end. 


I'd suggest setting up a new QBOA ZA firm using different login credentials. This way, the system won't detect the USA region you've created. Just go directly to this link: Then, click the Free sign-up button to begin the setup process. View the screenshot below for your visual reference. Please take note that there isn't a need to cancel the QBOA USA account since it's a free program. 



Once done, you can now create companies within the QBOA ZA firm. If your clients are located in a different region, you can still set them up by choosing their country. However, their companies are stand-alone, which means they'll not be part of your client list. For more details, see this article's Can I change my region? section: Product Regions In QBOA


You can always go to the Clients menu to help you keep track of your clients. From there, you can edit their info, make them inactive, and reactivate them.


Lastly, I recommend visiting this website: Practice Management FAQs. It contains answers to the most common questions about managing your clients and QBOA workflows for your accounting practice.


I'm just a comment away if you need anything else. Keep safe always, @Rafeeq Erasmus

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

SA product vs USA product

@Rafeeq Erasmus 

You may follow these steps:

1. Open a QBO SA version


2. Open a QBOA SA version

Make sure don't use the same email address for QBO and QBOA


3. Utilize the trial period of 3rd party tool to migrate data between QBO accounts


4. Once all the migrations is completed, cancel your QBO US account(s)


Rafeeq Erasmus
Level 1

SA product vs USA product

Thank you very much