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Error importing Ebay products via Excel into Quickbooks

Hi, I'm trying to import my stock from Ebay into Quickbooks via an Excel file. I have used the standard file that QB supply and filled in all of the data. When I try to upload it it says there has been 2 errors highlighted in red. One is description which I can easily resolve but the other is in the sales price? It shows it in red but doesn't tell me whats wrong? I have tried it with the £ sign and without but still shows as red? Please see attached screenshot. Any ideas what I'm missing?


Many thanks



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QuickBooks Team

Error importing Ebay products via Excel into Quickbooks

Good day, Brightstore. 


I can help you successfully import your products and services into QuickBooks Online. Thanks for the screenshot you attached and let me walk you from there. 

The Name fields highlighted in red must be filled out by the item's given name. For the Price/Rate Includes Tax fields, they only require a Yes or No answer as listed from the drop-down arrows. It indicates if the item is taxable or not. To fix the fields, you can enter the details from there or input it in your Excel file first and re-import it. 

Once everything looks as expected, you can click Import. Then, review your product and services list to review the imported items. Just click Sales from the left menu and then select Product and Services. Now, you can start using these items on your customer and supplier transactions. 


You can check out these articles that will help you help you manage your item and keep track of your inventory


I'm just here if there's anything else that you need help with importing your data into QuickBooks. You stay safe and have a great day!