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Error with Rate column in batch upload

Whenever I go to import batch bills under the item details category, the rate column doesn't populate properly. Instead of each value being what was on the CSV file, it only uses the value from the first item, even though every item is different. I don't have an issue with uploading anything under category detail. Is there a work around or a way to fix this, so that everything populates appropriately? I know if I omit the rate column and only do the amount and quantity column, the amount will come out as 0. How do I fix this?

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Error with Rate column in batch upload

Let me help you with editing the wrong rate and avoid this error moving forward with your bills, @glConley.


Are you referring to the amount of the bill? That should be mapped under Line Amount. Once the file is imported successfully, you can no longer undo or delete it. To fix the amount column, I suggest editing the amount itself after successfully importing the file.


Here's how to edit the amount of the bill:

  1. Go to the Expenses from the left menu and choose the Expenses tab.
  2. Select the bill to open it and enter the correct amount. 
  3. Click on Save once you're done. 

Here's more information about entering and paying bills


When importing your bills to QuickBooks Online make sure to fill all the required columns. Additionally, review the CSV file before importing by making sure that you've provided the correct amounts per column. To know more about the columns that I'm referring to and on how to map each of your column headings, see this article for detailed guidance: Import your bills in QuickBooks Online


Here’s an article on how to import your bills in QuickBooks Online. Also, the common questions about importing data to QuickBooks Online


If you additional concerns about importing your bills and or anything else. Just leave a reply below and I'll be here to answer them for you. Keep safe and have a wonderful day!

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Error with Rate column in batch upload

It isn't an expense. It's a standard bill, under the batch transaction option for one of our vendors. If I upload the CSV file based on quantity and amount without the rate, the amount becomes 0. If I upload with quantity and rate, the rate won't change with each line item. It will only be the first option. If I upload it under the same bill number, I get this issue, but if I make the same bill appear as separate bills with different bill numbers, the rate will flow properly and I'll have to change the bill number before I save the upload. Is there no way to actually fix this?


Error with Rate column in batch upload

You did well in describing all the methods you used, @glConley.


The amount of your bill will show 0 or following the rate of the first item when using the quantity and amount column. This is because QuickBooks is yet to identify the correct rate to use base on the number of line items.


To learn more about the columns you can use when importing bills, here's an article you can read for reference: Import your bills in QuickBooks Online.


With this, you can consider following the other method you described using the rate and bill number. Or manually creating the bills. To do so:

  1. Go to the +New button.
  2. Under VENDOR, select Bill.
  3. Select a vendor, terms, and correct dates.
  4. Choose a category detail.
  5. Enter the amount accordingly.
  6. Click Save and close.

In addition, here's an article you can read to learn more about the steps: Enter and pay bills.


Lastly, you can also visit and read through the steps to create a CSV file of the other list that you can import: Import customer or supplier contacts from Outlook, Excel, or Gmail.


You can always leave a comment below if you have any other questions. Stay safe!

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Error with Rate column in batch upload

If I have to manually key in the amount for every line, that defeats the purpose of doing a batch transaction upload. It shouldn't be hard to identify the correct amount. If I can upload regular amounts without any issues, then the rate should be able to be uploaded without any issues. All you have to do from there is rate of line one times the quantity of line one. all the way down... 


I can upload everything in as a separate bill number and the rate will flow properly. It shouldn't be hard to fix this issue. It's kind of frustrating if you are trying to improve your business's productivity.