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Quickbooks Pro 2014 Desktop Browser not recognised

Good Day

Im trying to migrate from desktop pro 2014 to online, but when i select export company file the following pops up -

for security, Intuit does not support this browser or version


I have the latest version of firefox installed, can someone help please

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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Pro 2014 Desktop Browser not recognised

Thank you for visiting the QuickBooks Community, Crispair. For a supported browser, you'll need to have Internet Explorer 11 when migrating from QuickBooks Desktop to Online. You won't be able to receive the latest security patches and updates for QuickBooks Desktop 2014 since it's no longer supported. That's the reason you received the pop-up message stating for security, Intuit does not support this browser or version. Allow me to assist you in converting your Desktop file to QBO in an alternate method. 


Since you're using the international version of QuickBooks, please note that QBDT is no longer offered in South Africa. With this, there's no option to automatically migrate from Desktop Pro 2014 to Online. I recommend looking for a 3rd party app that'll help you convert your file between the two programs. 


After that, you can open each artilcle below if you need steps on how you can import data to QBO:



In case you need further guidelines in effectively managing your business using QBO, you can open this article: Help guide for QuickBooks Online. It contains topics about advanced accounting, banking, and payments to name a few.


I'm always here in the Community space if you need further assistance migrating your data or if you have any additional QuickBooks-related concerns. Have a good one, Crispair.

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Quickbooks Pro 2014 Desktop Browser not recognised


You have QB Desktop UK version, correct?

You can purchase a 3rd party conversion service or use a 3rd party tool to migrate your data to QBO South Africa version.