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How do i place a purchase order with existing supplier - I am told to select an account for this transaction?

how do i create a customer statement?
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QuickBooks Team

How do i place a purchase order with existing supplier - I am told to select an account for this transaction?

Hi there, winston. I'm here to ensure you can link your supplier to the purchase order and generate a customer statement.


We can add the existing supplier when creating a purchase order under the Supplier field. Then, add the necessary details to complete the transaction. Once done, click Save and close. For visual reference, I've added a screenshot below.



If you encounter an error message, "You must select an account for this transaction" when saving the purchase order, this could be a cache-related issue. Too much cache stored on your regular browser can cause program performance and functionality issues. 


To fix this, I recommend creating a purchase order via a private window. It doesn't store browsing data, which can help us pinpoint the exact cause of the error.


Here are the keyboard shortcuts:


  • Safari: Command + Shift + N 
  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge: CTRL + Shift + N


If you can save it without the prompt, I suggest clearing the browser's cache. Doing so improves system performance, fixes program problems, and frees storage space. Otherwise, use other supported browsers to verify if this is a browser-specific problem. 


In case you're referring to something else, you can share snippets of your screen so we can provide accurate troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.


Meanwhile, regarding creating a customer statement, we can do this by following the instructions below. 


  1. From Sales, select Customers.
  2. Place a checkmark beside the customers you want to make statements for.
  3. From the Batch actions dropdown arrow, choose Create statements.
  4. Add Statement Type.
  5. Enter the correct dates.
  6. Review the customer's email addresses.
  7. Hit Save and closeSave and send, or Print or Preview.


For more details, please see this article: Create and send customer statements in QuickBooks Online.


I'm all ears if you have concerns regarding your creating or customer statements. If you have questions about your reports and other entries, let us know, and we'll be here to help.