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Does anyone else have bank error 155 Nedbank?

The same thing happened end Feb 2022.
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Does anyone else have bank error 155 Nedbank?

Hi there, @johan6. Our engineers are currently working on this, and I'm here to help you with your transactions and the details about the error.


Bank error 155 means your financial institution isn't allowing QuickBooks to connect and retrieve your data. The financial institution hasn't told us when the connections again.


I've checked our records and found an open investigation into this issue. At this moment, our software engineers are all hands on deck working together to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


For now, you'll want to give our technical support a quick call to add your account details to the list of affected users. An update will be sent to you via email once this issue is resolved. For supports contact information, open this link: How and when can I contact Support?


In the meantime, let's manually download your credit card transactions from your bank's website, then upload them to QBO using Web Connect as a workaround. Here's how:


To download transactions from your bank's website:


1. Sign in to your bank's website.

2. Follow your bank's online process to download your transactions to your computer.

3. Choose transactions from specific or multiple accounts, or select a date range for transactions.

4. Select a supported file type for the download file.

5. Note the name of the file you downloaded, and the location you downloaded it to so you can easily find it to upload.


Once done, here's how to upload the transactions to QBO:


1. Click the Banking menu at the left pane, then select Banking.

2. From the Update drop-down menu, select File upload.

3. Select Browse and choose the file you downloaded from your bank, then Next.

4. On the QuickBooks account drop-down list, choose the account to which to upload the bank data, and select Next.

5. Click Next again, then Let's go! (or Finish).


This article can guide you through the process: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online.


Once you've imported your transactions into QuickBooks, you can begin matching and categorising them to ensure they're in the correct accounts.


We appreciate your patience with this. Post here again if you have any other questions about QuickBooks. I'll be right here to help you any time.